July 13th, 2011

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Too much too much too much (which is to say, just fine). I want to start with how proud I am of myself for walking around everywhere; I've walked in and out of town a good number of times, now, and enjoyed it! (I'm learning to like walking despite the pain; it's not as though I escape the pain by sitting either, so I may as well do what I like!)

Monday night - Sister's last night here - we went out. I was going to eat with Mark but he decided last minute that he was just going to eat pasta instead of heading out to the pub.

I decided that it was time for me to have a self-date, because I had been spending so much time with others and focusing on everything but being there in the moment, with myself. Walked up to Back of Beyond for some sausage, chips and beans with a coke and some tap water. While there I got a call from 101mutts about seeing HP on Friday and a text from featherxquill about meeting up; both were lovely.

I took the long way to the club after eating and took my time saying goodbye to the Oracle Riverside area (one of my favourite places in town, especially at night and always winter nights).

My headspace was filled with mindgoo. I looked up at the Vue (good pictures of the riverside there) and immediately saw the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 poster: It All Ends Here.

I nearly burst out crying but managed to contain myself since I was wearing eye liner (two colours), mascara and eyeshadow, which is not a common occurrence. I walked down the pedestrian shopping area, down the little alleys, and remembered listening to the Wrock song 'Bookworm' (by Roonil Wazlib) as I wandered around my new town first year; I felt like Hermione in Wonderland.

Sister said yesterday, after 6 days - less than a week - in Reading, "You know, I'm actually sad to leave this place. Reluctant. I can't imagine how you feel!"

But that about sums it up. I sang Sister off with the song I wrote for my 2010 colleagues and then we sang 'I Like Giants' together; it was the easiest time I've ever had playing and singing in front of an audience, which was lovely. After dropping her at the station yesterday, I dawdled home along the riverside (the river meanders from the centre of town up to the area behind my street, then over toward Tescos and away). I saw a Great Crested Grebe couple (they're pair-bonding critters with fantastic courting displays) with chicks; one of them was nestled up on one of the parent's backs, tucked between the wings. It was adorable. The chicks sure can swim, too! They dove deep and could jet through the water. I was impressed just watching them.

It was the first time 'Closer to Fine' (Indigo Girls) came on since I graduated. I sang to the birds, "I spent three years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper and I was free." Been waiting years to sing (and slightly change) that lyric and have it be truthful.

There's more, always more, that I want to include but it's time for me to head off now. I have a seemingly endless list of things to do: shower; clean up my room after hosting; pack my Diacon bag so I know those things stay in England; pack my big black bag of stuff that can go home some day after the 15th; answer emails; read my 'LJ Ketchup' bookmarks; write 10 stories; remember to eat; remember to set my alarm for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Plus the gnitty-gritty stuff that doesn't group well.

That's all from me! Sorry for being so behind; my life is a whirlwind right now. (Seems if your hair isn't having difficulty keeping up with you, you're not living the Kiwish Way.) How are you all doing? :D

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