July 4th, 2011

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Last night I intended to get to sleep at a reasonable hour (2am) but then I was too in love with the book I was reading so I wasn't headed off toward sleep until light was lapping at my window, after my book was thoroughly read. (Then, I've been looking for my muchness lately, and I feel as though this is part of it. I don't think I ever want to be the sort of person who finds herself with a free evening [before a free day], a really great book and the sense to put it down.)

The book was in many ways about sisterhood. It made me miss my sister.

My phone woke me from slumbers. I shot up going 'mrrgprrgnnghhuh, the world exists?' looked at the silly ringy thing and picked it up. "Erm...oh! Hello, may I ask who's calling please?" "It's me!"

My sister called me to tell me that she is COMING TO MY GRADUATION! She's arriving Wednesday morning and she's coming to my graduation ceremony! AAAAHHH!!!! We were both in our beds hopping around and crying, her well into evening and me not-very-much into morning. I didn't at all mind being woken up at 6.50am for it!

So, last year, when I was a second-year and preparing to head off to Spain for my field course and not sure what to give my sister for her birthday, I wrote her a story. I wrote about a possible future down the line in which we both have same-aged daughters (the way we grew up with our mothers, podling sisters that we are) and she had horses and one was giving birth. It was sort of day-in-the-life in a life we aren't in but someday could be.

Anyway, after that we sent stories back and forth concerning just about anything we were going through in that year. The only things they tended to have in common were that we were both in them and they involved some of the mindgoo in our lives at that time. Last year I started thinking about how I only had the year left before I graduated, and how it would have my dissertation and my exams and then I'd have to leave. I wrote a story about the two of us walking around campus with my memories and past selves, sharing parts of ourselves, and knew that having my sister at my graduation would make it special. (My brother and my parents too, of course, but she's the sister I've always wanted and we connected so much during my university time.)

I still can't believe it. So happy! I get to share my graduation with my sister! It'll be more than standing in queue, shaking hands with strangers on stage, listening to a Chancellor I've never met speak and joke about giving money in the future and walking off to retrieve a certificate! I think it'll feel a bit more like bridging (sort of ritualistic passing-over through a transition) as I sit there creating my own graduation in my head - repeating Oh The Places You'll Go and the like, knowing she's out in the crowd.

Eeeei! I'm going to go find that graduation story and then head back off for a nap so I can completely tackle my room today! :D

My stardust sister is coming to my graduation!!!!

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