June 26th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today I thought I was being burned alive at the stake because my legs fell into the square of sunlight on my bed and I thought they were burning off. It was pretty entertaining.

Weather-wise, I checked thefuckingweather.com to discover that it's 79ºF here, which is supposedly 'pretty alright'. Then I checked London and it's 81ºF and 'fucking hot', so if the difference is only 2º and I'm not a heat person...I'm just going to conclude that it is fucking hot for me here today. Despite having lived through Massachusetts' second-warmest summer last year (and working outside on a daily basis with kidlings). It's a bit better now that I'm downstairs out of my hot top-floor room and the temperature has gone down a few degrees.

Life-wise it's the 4th anniversary of my hip replacement. I'm kind of shocked, since 4-year anniversaries are big for me (possibly because American high school and college run on a 4-year system). I also can't believe that next year will be my half-decade mark. Normally I would 'celebrate' with a ritual involving my old hip (I have it in a biohazard bag) but it seems I've left that back home.

Read through some old entries from the time. It's odd to read through a time that was clearly so painful for me, but also had these beautiful moments connecting with people. And of course I was going crazy over every grade point - that's not so new. :Þ

Today I am being a bum. Jacqueline is playing a game in which she is presently a block of ice - rather fitting, really. Nothing exciting going on here. Except a housemate drowning the house in cologne...ugh. Not good to be allergic to spray-things when in a house of six boys. Then, not easy with many girls either, given perfume! :B

Happy fourth birthday and anniversary, Fluffy-the-ceramic-hip. May you and I have many more together.

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