June 23rd, 2011

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"Sod stats!" Kiwi growled as she frowned up at the library monitor; numbers swam before her eyes. She pushed herself back and stood. The assignment was done--she was just checking it--so surely she could free herself when she wished. More than an hour to deadline; she could grab a sandwich to please her stomach, which was also growling.

The door opened to a world of noise. She ventured down the stairs and smiled to recognise some faces she knew. The cost of a sandwich brought her back to wrinkling her nose.

"Mark!" she greeted through a smile as she sat at a table near her personal tutor's. He glanced up and returned the smile, gesturing to the empty seat at his table.

"Kiwi! I'm procrastinating on reading a book for a meeting - come join me!" He pushed the empty chair back; Kiwi slipped into it and grinned over the man's procrastination. "What are you up to?"

"Avoiding statistics."

"As the best of us do. Can I buy you a coffee?"

"I occasionally do hot chocolate--"

"Hot chocolate it is. You sit tight."

Kiwi smiled down at her sandwich. This was comfort, then? She was in an academic library, speaking with an academic (about procrastination) and she was about to eat an academic sandwich--best served with a sprinkling of research and a sprig of stats. This was academia, then, and she wasn't entirely uncomfortable. Especially not with hot chocolate before her and equally warm conversation with her personal tutor and, dare she say it, friend.

"So, since you're in your first term of second year and already stressing over your dissertation - silly woman - what is your goal for university? Are you shooting for a first?" Mark's eyes danced with amusement under raised eyebrows.

Kiwi hid her face behind her cocoa. "No, certainly not! I couldn't do that. I just want a degree...and a little fun, maybe."

Mark laughed and shook his head. "Pressure's off, then?"

Kiwi could tell by his tone that he knew this to be as false as she did. By the time they parted, she couldn't count the times they had smiled and laughed. She tightened her rainbow jumper around her shoulders and unlocked her bicycle from the rack.

The racket of her blasted phone startled her: another text from her phone company--they already had her for a customer, couldn't they leave her alone? She sighed out her frustration. The time stared up at her--

Was that the time? Bollocks. She hadn't electronically submitted her stats assignment, had she, after doing it a week early and double-checking it? No, of course she hadn't; that taught her to do work early. It was time to pedal home top speed and grovel to a teacher--her favourite hobby, of course. Bollocks.

Her legs ached as she pedalled home. How could she possibly get a first when she could hardly keep her head on straight? Or, as her teachers had always said, that without her neck her head would surely float away? A first. As if.

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