June 18th, 2011

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Some teachers succeeded where my peers have failed: getting me to have more than one glass of wine in an evening. In reasonably quick succession (plotted against my normal rate), as well.

Naughty teachers. Naughty teachers.

"Are you sure we can't get you a drink? Just one? You haven't had a single drink this evening! Oh go on, let's have us just one at least..." "Are you sure we can't get you another? You deserve it! Come now, join us, join us..." "Please do let us get you one more. Are you sure? Come now, this is a celebration!"

Silly teachers. Silly teachers.

I did have the privilege (in my eyes) of hearing my Mammalian Reproduction professor say that he had intended to have one drink of wine at four with the graduands and now found himself at the bar too 'tiddly' to work on his paper revision as he had planned. Tiddly. I was tiddly by that point as well; after they left, when I worked on the third glass they had purchased me, I got to tidsly - which is the point at which a person typos the state of her intoxication and is too lazy or uncaring to bond properly with the backspace.

There we go. Out of all the people in university, it was the teachers who got me drunk. Louise was a drunken riot. It was her first real crop of students, at least in her feeling connected enough to come down and celebrate with us. Bless. (:

Lovely teachers. Lovely teachers.

Now it's time for another cup of water and I'm off to bed! Thank you all for the messages - your support has been overwhelming in just the sort of way a person wishes to be overwhelmed! ♥ Thank you thank you for that!


They say goldfish have no memory; I guess their lives are much like mine and the little plastic castle is a surprise every time. And it's hard to say if they're happy but they don't seem much to mind.
[Ani DiFranco; Little Plastic Castle]
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Jojobird went to 'An Evening with the Legendary John Cleese' in Oxford last night.

She got me a poster signed by John Cleese.


This is why I say things like 'my friends are too amazing for me'.


"No longer forward nor behind I look in hope and fear; but grateful take the good I find, the best of now and here."
[John G. Whittier]
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