June 14th, 2011

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I'm trying to document these days because they're my last month-and-something in England, with these people and as a university pre-graduation student. I have a hunch I'll look back on these days with curiosity and find it worth knowing went on in them, even if only to laugh. (I'm a great fan of laughter. Picture me skipping through the park singing Mary Poppin's Love to Laugh and you have exactly the right image.) I seem to expect my days to be shorter than they end up being.

Alarm for noon, so that got me up by 12.15. Was out the door with Jacqueline (housemate) by 1-something; we got food at Mr. Cod (I'd never eaten there before) and felt thoroughly oily. (My craving for falafel wrap was not sated for the shop is an evening shop.)

Sam & Judy (anime society members) picked us up. We watched the third Sailor Moon film, which is my favourite. Many humorous comments were made ('did the moon just penetrate the sun? Oh I think it did') and we had a great time. Watched the first two episodes of Sailor Stars (the last season) and now I remember my love for the two lesbian characters, Haruka/Sailor Uranus (a big influence between my teenage hair-cutting, male-presenting time) and Neptune/Sailor Neptune (whom I take after much more now). I really really want to watch through the whole series now. Judy also mentioned that I'm welcome to browse the anime society hard-drive and nab what I want, which excites the anime lover in me ridiculous amounts, especially since before this year she's been hiding since pre-17 teenagehood for the most part.

We drove to anime society on campus. I watched one episode of a ridiculous anime and then went upstairs to GARPS (Gaming and Role Play Society) where I became the fourth female of a large male group. I've never been but have wanted to attend since first year. It was nice to see everyone geeking out over board games and card games. I researched my character for Roberts' table-top roleplaying game (Dead Lands, I think) as Sam & Judy made their characters with Roberts' assistance. The game is sort of an Alternate Universe Civil War time America in which the Civil War lasted much longer and something has come back to restore all sorts of strange powers in the world, as well as monsters and the like - so historical in some aspects, fantastical in others and hopefully all-round fun. Jacqueline is playing a white girl raised by a Native American tribe and she has a major hindrance (we all need hindrances) of delusion, in thinking that she's legitimately Pocahontas in being besties with all animals and elements and the like, even when, say, a wolf is trying to maul her ("it's just being my friend!"). I had a Native American Shaman character in mind and knew Roberts (Game Master) has to get us all into the same small town in New Mexico (there are 8 players in this game - a pretty large amount for a first-time GM), so I thought it'd be best to share a background with Jacqueline's character. I researched tribes, settled on Easter Shoshone pushed down toward Comanche territory due to tribal and white wars, then looked into fun things like horses.

The lot of us hung around Mojo's (student pub) for a bit and then settled on heading back to Sam & Judy's again. Sam played ridiculous videos. Jacqueline made her character. I made my character.

I now have a Shoshone Shaman with animal powers (shape change; beast friend [control animals]) to save Jacqueline's delusional character when she needs saving and healing for the rest of the lot. She was sent by the tribe to take care of J's character (since Shamans have to be level-headed) but rather begrudges this deed. My hindrances dictate that I can't use any modern technology or shifty power things ('ghost stone') without minor to major penalty; I'm an 'outsider' (less charisma, more people on my case) and the 'quirk' of going over-the-top with cultural pride (possibly due to the combination of Shaman and outsider, a defence mechanism of sorts). That will be odd. She's also got a racist feel in my head (not at all pleased with the white presence and their technology) and also doesn't like her tribe's enemy tribes (Lakota, Cheyenne, etc.). She's pacifistic but also sarcastic with some in-your-face cultural tendencies (delivered with sneers and barbs, probably). She's by far the most contradictory, most confrontational and least pleasant character I'll have played. It should be interesting! Especially since Pirate (another housemate) has a racist white character who dabbles in the worst kind of black magics, so our characters will, uh, not get along...all while I'm trying to keep delusional!Pocahontas from getting too cosy with her pet wolf. And healing everyone. Oi. This will stretch my limited roleplaying/acting capabilities, given it's only my third RPG and the second was a one-game event! It's basically improv.

ALSO. The game decided to use the term 'fetish' for an object with magical power - which, granted, is a definition - and provides some ridiculous moments. It's an 'edge' I get (a sort of attribute for putting up with hindrances) in which I can store extra power for certain spells (probably heal). Roberts and I agreed to call them 'talismans' instead of 'fetishes', because as silly as I'll feel anyway, I'll feel sillier yet riding around in battle chanting "WITH MY FETISH FOR HEALING, I HEAL YOU!" I also mentioned, "Or better yet, my fetish for shape change." Roberts picked out the one I had purposely skipped over: "Or your fetish for beast friend!"

ALSO ALSO. I have to dance and chant. Really. So while the normal characters are off eating in restaurants (which my character is wary of), I have to head off to the corner to 're-charge' my talismans (...or fetishes...) by chanting and dancing and creating rituals for my spells. This is going to be an interesting experience. Watching a delusional Disney princess character, bickering with a racist black 'wizard' (gambles with trickster/joker spirits that can wreak havoc in no time), avoiding all technology so I'm not banned from my own connection with the Spirits, turning into various small creatures (squawk chirp squeak squeak) and ritualistic chanting. My life as a nerd. But I get a horsey!

I also walked up to The Falafel Shop (it has a real name but I can't remember it) at quarter-to-three in the morning as the owner was peeking outside. We chatted. I asked closing hours and opening hours (4pm opening hours - so now I know); he ushered me in even though closing hour was 2.30. We chatted about sleep schedules and life as he made me a falafel wrap. It was lovely to meet him. Tottered home, saved the house by waking up Pirate as I opened the door (he had fallen asleep cooking bacon on the in-oven grill), ate and here I am.

Today was definitely nerd day, I am proud to say. Tomorrow is another. Jacqueline and I will be charity shop searching for anything to pull off as costume (my idea; I couldn't pretend to be a werewolf, but I can dress up a bit for this with my hair and all) and buy snacks. In the afternoon to evening we will have our first session of the RPG, since all our characters are made. Judy is going to try to remember the hard-drive. Ahaha I'm amused already.

Wednesday Royal Ascot (so out of nerd garb, into dress and heels and a hat); Thursday bra shopping with Claire in the morning (oh endless excitement - though she's excited since she loves it as she is clearly batty), meeting with External Examiners (complain about anything in the course) and both of us home with Jojobird (coursemate) for a fun girls'-night-in sleepover; Friday results for our degree come out (NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP) and anime society in the evening.

This week is ridiculous. It's also dawn, so I should go to sleep. I can't wait to have hours to bum around on the computer and finally get through my email. (It keeps going back up; I'm back up to 270 *sigh*.) Night all! Hope your lives are exciting if you wish them and not exciting if you don't!

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