June 13th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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alkjsdfklajsd for frak's sake! I just had an entry documenting my walk through the park and meeting with these question-hungry teenagers all typed up and was on to my random trip to the gay club when I hit 'ctrl + r' (refresh, apparently) instead of 'ctrl + t' (new tab) and lost it. Fantabs, great, thanks. Now I don't even remember what I wanted to look up in the first place.

  • I wanted to go for a walk. It kept raining on and off.
  • I decided to go for a walk anyway. I met interesting characters, climbed on things, laughed a lot, got hailed on twice, went on the swings for ages, met four teenagers who thought I was cool and asked me loads of personal questions but I've never minded because I remember being a teen and wishing I could find people who would answer my questions, fell off a swing and laughed my little arse off because it felt glorious and went home.
  • I had a fantastic time in the park. I also have some new teenage Facebook friends in Reading, which amuses me to no end. They now know there are 21-year-olds out there who a) are short, b) don't smoke, c) don't drink much, d) didn't drink at 14, e) don't wear makeup often because they like feeling pretty without it, f) are gay, g) don't have sex but love when other people have/talk about safe/consenting sex and h) listen to hippie music like the Beatles. They also told me I have perfect skin, which is funny because no. i find that I don't mind being called "well nice and chatty" by some interesting teens, though! :B

    The Random Night Out:
    I was in watching Star Trek (The Cage, the 'unwatched' pilot of Original Series) as my first steps into the Trekkie Lands my family has loved for a long while. Mark texted me asking if I'd go to the Granby (gay bar/club up the road) because he didn't know what he was doing there; he offered to refund me the £5 entry fee. I looked down - I was wearing clothes (shocking at 11.30pm, honestly) - and texted that I'd be right there.

    So I went from Star Trek -> walking down the road with a cane -> dancing full-out like a loon in under 30 minutes. Not bad.

    Night Out Things:
  • Danced a lot. Drank a lot of 'tap water with ice', because that's how I run it.
  • Requested Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot and had a royal riot dancing full-tilt to that.
  • Had a yucky and then weird conversation with an older man while waiting for my drink. "I love your hair." "Thank you." "You have the most beautiful hair in this club." "Thank you." "You're the most beautiful girl in this club." [Name, age, where-from, situation in life - all usual questions at the Granby; I answered all very vaguely and got close to Mark.] "Are you here alone?" "No, I'm with this charming fellow here *pats Mark on the shoulder, gives him the shifty eyes, nod*" "You're not gay, are you?" "...yes, I'm very gay. Incredibly gay." "But aren't you with--?" "He's gay too. We're both gay." "How long have you been gay?" "*Raises eyebrow.* My whole life. For being out, I've been out a long while, comparatively speaking." "I've been out for 7 years now." "*Grabs her drink from Mark.* Well you take care and have a good time. Mark, let's go find a spot." Dear man: you may have more luck with the gay scene if you stop hitting on gay ladies. If you're fake-gaying at a gay club, sod the frak off, sir. Kiwi
  • Dumped the conversation out of my mind and danced danced danced some more. Pink's U & Ur Hand came on, which tends to be my club dance song since I go out for fun with absolutely no intention of 'pulling', as club-goers say. Bonded with some fellow dance-floor girls while dancing. (I love connecting like that, with dance rather than with words. It's all expression!)
  • Smoking area. More drunken people spoke many drunken words. I was relieved to be a head shorter than everyone, so I could exist peacefully in my own world and enjoy the chill night air between bouts of intense dancing.
  • Somehow received faerie wings from a drunken Irish lass. A nice man (Duncan, I think) who was sober compared to the rest chatted with Mark and me about life. It was a good conversation about university standings and courses; Mark was out of it (he was drunk by the time he texted me and got a drink every time I got water) but I quite enjoyed it. We told Duncan we were expecting results next week and he winced, which made me smile. He joked that Mark and I really knew what we were doing on the dance floor, all synchronised and the like. (We don't; we aren't. We laughed anyway.) Even Duncan asked, "You're not gay then, are you?" "Yes. Very gay." Mark added, "She's incredibly gay. Look at the waistcoat." "Oh," Duncan sounded, clearly surprised, "well it's a great look for you!" "Thank you." But *sigh*, if I'm in a gay place with a very gay man and I'm not dressed like a fag hag, why is it so surprising that I'm gay? It's the hair and the height, I know it. (I declared to Mark that I am not his fag hag because I'm gay; I'm his dyke diva.)
  • Dance-friend from the Pink song came and spoke to me. Her name was Vi. She was very drunk. Mark and Vi's friend Brixy (de Ville, she introduced, gesturing to the white streak in her hair which was lovely) talked politics. I excused myself to the loo. I then heard Journey's Don't Stop Believing and was on the dance floor immediately, dancing all-out despite being alone. Mark came back and we danced to the rest of the songs.
  • As is my tradition when I dance until drop (closing time), I waited behind all the obnoxiously drunk loud gayboys ('ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG!') to thank the DJ. She hugged me back and thanked me for my gratitude, telling me she gets so nervous about these gigs; I told her she had done a fantastic job.
  • Mark and I stopped at the place that sells Mediterranean takeaway (I think that's what it is; I stink with food). The Irish trio were there. The Irish woman asked me a few questions and I transferred her onto Mark so I could go back to daydreams. Ordered my first kebab-like-thing. Walked home with Mark lamenting that it was getting light already ('look, you can see a full cloud!') at only 3.30am.
  • John (the housemate I know least) was passed out in the living room. Mark and I ate quickly. I tried his falafel wrap and now have a ridiculous craving to purchase my own. I enjoyed my chicken doner meal as well. Then sleep time!

    I can tell that I danced with every muscle of my body because they all hurt! But it's the good yay-you-used-me! ache. Slept for a long time. Today was a bum-around-the-house-in-jammies day. Tomorrow I watch Sailor Moon with friends, go on campus for scanning forms and a meal, have anime society and make roleplaying-game characters with Roberts and Jacqueline (housemates).

    Now this entry is more night-out than park-visit, which is opposite how it was the first time. Oh well!

    Now I keep wondering how DiaCon Alley is going to run the Yule Ball. If they run it like the film and have music segue into fast-paced dancing songs...or even old for-laughs songs...or even some Wrock songs...I'm going to need to give my hips some sedative vibes. That sort of dancing is certainly not the impression I want to give!

    Time for sleeps! Or to attempt it. I can feel the melatonin I took kicking in. Plus it's nearing 3.30am again and I can see the sky blueing up. Hope you all are keeping well!


    Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
    [Robin Williams]