May 17th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Yesterday my house's bathroom went ballistic. I was sitting up here and surfing the net, as I often do, when I heard the sound of very hard water from my open bedroom door, journeying up from the bathroom. I wondered what crazy loon of a housemate was showering with the door open. Then I heard Dimitri's holler for help and hurried down and saw some of my other housemates. The shower--erm, technical dodads are not my skill--adjuster bit had come partially free from the wall and was spraying water every which way. I fiddled with it but couldn't get it to stick. Roberts sent me up for his duct tape and I hurried down with it. We realised that the ceiling was leaking--leaking through the light fixture, so panic there in turning everything off. John and Dimitri got buckets and pans under the leak. Went back upstairs to realise that the bath would overflow if I didn't do something, so I grabbed a bucket and started bailing out. Mark called the landlord (despite the post-midnight hour) and helped Jacque find the water valve for the bathrooms. At last we found it and major crisis was averted.

Kieran and Pirate were awake by that time, as well. We noticed that we had all housemates together in the house, together on the same floor--something that hasn't occurred in a very long time, not within my recent memory. I said, "Nothing brings a household together like its bathroom shitting itself." Kieran nearly died laughing. I was amused, since I hadn't intended to be funny. Still, none of us could help laughing at it all.

Today I got myself up and went to the charity shop up the road. Picked up a strange summer-gothy black dress that works well with a belt and a "Gizmo" Gremlin brown t-shirt, which absolutely delights me (wearing it!). Hung around today doing some revision, watching some telly, doing a little reading... Read in bed, at one point, and fell asleep again (I love doing that when I can).

Woke up to Mark telling me that our house's boiler gave up on itself and was making strange Tardis noise. Ah, well, we're all here only for another two months or so. I checked my email.


So that was thrilling and had me dancing all around. Soon after settled into reading Interview with the Vampire downstairs as Roberts read and Jacque played Final Fantasy XIII.

Attempted sleep at ten to two in the morning (early for me) and was too excited by Rowe ideas to sleep. So nervous and excited. Me, in charge of teenagers? And I have to be creative with workshops and chapels and evening events. I only went to Rowe two years, and never even saw the Goddess myself (a big Goddess statue somewhere on the grounds, but again I've never been - though I had a sexytimes dream of myself there, once, which was peculiar).

I knew I was doomed when I couldn't sleep after a half an hour, given that I had neat gin while I was reading in the living room and I had already been tired. Alcohol usually puts me out. I've listened to kitty_ryan's podcast of Being Thankful (by peroxidepirate), which may make both of them blush, and I'm feeling thankful and sleepier again. May listen to it one more time and try to get to sleep.

Can't believe I'm really going to work at one of the places where my heart resides. It's going to be one hectic move (packing --> Diacon Alley Harry Potter Conference --> flight home the 25th --> Rowe noon the 26th) but I'm sure I'll power through. Working at Rowe working at Rowe working at Rowe. I hope the kids like me. And I'm working with my staff!crush from 2006 - I was 16! - which makes me giggle. Little Rowe butterflies.

Alright! Fic and sleep. Night all my lovely. ♥ I hope you're keeping well! Sending sweet dream vibes for whenever you can cash in on them.


"It was the rainbow gave thee birth, and left thee all her lovely hues."
[W. H. Davies]
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