May 13th, 2011

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Woke up and walked to campus, feeling pretty much alright in general and finally able to admire the world around me the way I normally do. I smiled and counted crows, danced a little. It was nice.

Printed my stuff out in the library. Revised for the first time in the library, too, downstairs in the 'knowledge sharing' section where I once looked at vibrators online with Pip instead of fixing up our coursework. :Þ So this week I at least had the unique experience of a stay-over for revision and revision in the actual library. Wrote up pages for the essays I would consider writing. Went to HumSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) early and revised some more. Took a deep breath and went into my exam.

No question on what I really would have liked answering (agricultural changes - intensification - over the last 50 years) but one that I could answer reasonably well and one that I could attempt blagging. But I also wanted to smack Simon, because these questions really aren't appropriate for a 1.5 hour exam (most others are 2 hours and request less information).

2. Answer BOTH parts of the question

(a) Using the concept of 'ecosystem services' as a framework, describe the impacts of farming practice on the abundance and diversity of wildlife both on the farm and in surrounding areas. (50 marks)

(b) Outline the range of benefits that wildlife can provide to farmers. Describe ways in which the farm can be managed to promote the delivery of these ecosystem services. (50 marks)

Really not a great essay. I felt so rushed that even things I knew well weren't going down to paper with much skill or strong structuring. Weak, but done.

5. Answer BOTH parts of the question

(a) How does organic farming differ from conventional farming in the UK? Outline the benefits of organic farming to a range of wildlife groups found on farmland in the UK. (50 marks)

(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of promoting organic farming with reference to impacts of farming on wildlife both on the farm and elsewhere. (50 marks)

Entirely blag, since it wasn't one of the topics I really revised - just put down what I remember in an incredibly hurried essay. Not proud of it, but pleased it's done. Should get me a few marks - and I only need 10% to pass the course, so that's set. If I got the 50% for a 2:1, that'd be lovely.

Went outside and felt freer than I had in a long time. I had noticed over the last two weeks that I couldn't take deep breaths any more, even when I worked at it. Suddenly I could breathe deep into my belly again. It felt wonderful. Plopped down under my tree by HumSS, took out my ukulele and played. Jo called and I went to meet her in the car park for our shopping date.

We went to Matalan and walked around real slow, just pleased to be free. They didn't have the rainbow bikini on the website (thank goodness; don't know how I would have taken trying on a bikini) but had some other fun stuff. I scoffed at most of the shoes (I don't understand some of the shoe styles at the moment) but found a pair of earthy-green strappy heels that go up to the ankle. With Royal Ascot and Graduation in mind, I tried them on - and got my fat feet inside. I decided, at that point, they weren't coming off again; at half price (£9), they didn't have to. Jo was chuffed to finally see me in heels. We both picked up belts for our waists at that point and even though the XS didn't quite pull in enough on me, I liked it enough anyway and as Jo says, at least I can eat in this one without discomfort. (; I can't quite say that about my more corset-like belt. Also found a pair of earthy-green harem pants that matched the heels well enough, and were also on half-price, so I snagged them. I've wanted a pair forever. So comfy! Retail therapy! Heels and belts and harems oh my! :Þ

Jojobird and I came home, ordered pizza, ate pizza with lots of pleasure noises and watched Empire Records, one of my favourite films. We hugged goodbye. I hung out online some. Housemate Jacque came up later and we watched one episode of Sailor Moon (*giggles*) and an episode of the Live Action version, then finished up Working. She left and I fell asleep on my little sofa, moved to my bed some time around dawn. It was beautiful.


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
[Rachel Carson]
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