May 12th, 2011

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Slept for 10 hours to make up for the 1.5 I got Tuesday night. Woke up and revised Micromalthus debilis and fig wasps like a fiend. Attempted to get domestic cat predation down but knew I wouldn't - it's mainly facts and statistics, which don't really work for me. Science has to tell some sort of a story for me to really get it in my brain. I just hoped Micromalthus and fig wasps wouldn't be part of the same question.

Got a bit spooked while I was at Claire's but she understood that part of it is just how I deal with exams, and that as long as I'm not full-out panicking, that's okay. I can't take exams without big-time jitters; it just doesn't work, alas.

Went in for the exam. Lucked out!

2. Write an essay on the research topic:
  • EITHER (a) Urban green spaces.
  • OR (b) Natural history and evolution of Micromalthus debilis.

  • I actually enjoyed writing my essay on Micromalthus, which was nice. Not sure Perrotti will like all of it but at least I know I did reasonably. Skipped my loo and stretch break to go straight into the next essay.

    4. Write an essay on the research topic:
  • EITHER (a) Predation habits of the domestic cat.
  • OR (b) Symbiosis and coevolution of figs and fig wasps.

  • Not my best essay, but also not terrible. Didn't really get any extra reading (non-lecture-type-reading) into either of the essays but at this point I can't be fussed. If I managed to pull a 63% and get a First for the class, brilliant; if I didn't, that's fine too.

    Was finally able to eat properly in the car, so I was glad I had my pasta with me (still cool from the fridge, too - the way I like it). Went with Claire and her housemate Grant to Asda for Petrol and a little shopping. We had some laughs. Claire dropped me back home and I relaxed for a little bit. Chatted with lash_larue and tetleythesecond, too, which was lovely and just what I needed.

    Got on to revising and find I didn't mind it. Made it through all the lectures and went to sleep, prepared to get up early the next morning, go to campus and print out the material and revise more on campus.

    It was nice to only have one more day of hell week left.

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    "The one person who really knows me best says I'm like a cat - the kind of cat that you just can't pick up and throw into your lap. No, the kind that doesn't mind being held, only when it's her idea; the kind that feels what she decides to feel when she is good and ready to feel it."
    [Ani DiFranco; Virtue]
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