May 9th, 2011

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1) I'm peeved that I'm missing Pride Parade season in New England. Northampton (lesbian town) has just finished. Usually I make it to at least Boston and Providence, if not also Youth Pride. I'll just have to make sure I get to PTown and get my gay on. ubiquitousmixie, you game girl?

2) Pictures from Northampton pride went up on my friends' facebook walls. One of the cars was "Classy Olde Dykes". I laughed my considerable queer arse off at that.

3) I realised how important prepositions can feel in my brain. This paper on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) I'm reading regarding ageing women calls older women "women of advanced age". I thought that was pretty neat and sounded spiffy, like advanced track or advanced class, since there seems to be a positive connotation with most uses of 'advanced' I know. ("Oh, darling, sorry, but I'm of advanced age so I can...but fear not, you'll get here soon!") It also reminded me of 'enhanced', which made me smile. ("I can only get away with it because I'm of enhanced age--but fret not, dear, you'll get here yourself some day.") Only in the conclusion I read "women with advanced age" and realised all these red flags were waving in my head. 'Advanced' sounds positive or neutral to me with "woman of advanced age" or even " advanced age" but 'with' makes it suddenly sound like a burden or disease. ("Ah, poor bird, she's dealing with a precocious case of advanced age, you see...") When I realised these were my thoughts I laughed my head off...and remembered that once upon a time, I was able to memorise the list of prepositions much better and with greater ease than the periodic table.

4) Mark is revising (or procrastinating on revising) grammar - parsing, at the moment. I had never heard of parsing (the term), but knew I did it in high school (and loved it). So I learned something new! :D Didn't know sentence diagramming was a form of parsing, either - or a form of a 'parse tree'? Neat! Reminds me of phylogenetic trees. All of this reminded me of Mr. Dufault teaching us sentence dissecting (that was how I explained to classmates, like it was a frog to dissect...) and telling us to mentally put parentheses around prepositional phrases. He then joked that we would "see prepositional phrases" (Sixth Sense reference) and, drat the man, I did. I often think in words; after that, many of my thoughts contained parentheses. I used to sing-song sentence structures in my head like a mantra: "SV, SVDO, SVIODO..." and I'm sure there were more, but that's what stuck. Ah, how it all makes me smile.

5) For the love of preps, I miss learning English Language and Literature. It is not okay for me to be missing this when I have 9.5 hours of compulsory commitment left between me and a degree in Applied Ecology and Conservation! *Grumbles at self.* I think it's because I'm spending all that time in the Humanities building on campus, every post-exam loo trip spent passing the English Language and Literature professors' office doors (one has a clever feminist picture-phrase slogan *melts*) and posters about minority/women/literature events. It hurts my heart a little, these glimpses down the road I didn't take. That and Mark complaining about his work since he really never wanted to take English; he was just good at it around A-Levels. I loved English and didn't take it. But then, I suppose that's one of the main reasons Rachel Carson is my personal (s)hero: background in creative writing and English but chose to go into science because it was a prominent interest of hers.

6) I think I must be a masochist. This entry was only supposed to have 5 points, but I just looked up the University of Reading English Language and Literature staff department page and have been scanning some of their websites. So many female names! Shakespeare on film, Jane Austen and the courtship novel for modules! KIWI ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT STOP RIGHT THERE BACK UP. Nope, seems I'm not done. I'll resurface later, I hope. ETA: askldfjlkajsdf one of them totally flags my gaydar by appearance and classes taught. Maybe I'll ask Mark. It won't do much, and I know logically that I have been in schools with (female) gay teachers, but I've never actually known any out teachers within my institutions. It's been a dream of mine since I was 10. Regardless, still grinning here! Not sure why. I should be revising reproductive technologies... Ah well. And I have a feeling I'll want to read through Donnell's publications list at some point. Must stop drooling everywhere. Oh! And I definitely recognise Lesnik-Oberstein's name from the office doors and laksjdflj The Last Taboo: Women and Body Hair? Would really love to read that.

7) Dear university, please end. I have learning to do. All this testing is just getting in the way.


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
[Rachel Carson]
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How to Fail at Revising for Exams:

    1) Start thinking about your personal Hell Week all irrationally and with prominent paranoia until your stomach is all in knots and you feel as though the top of your skull is going to pop off, bounce off the ceiling and knock you out.

    2) Move all around but find yourself unable to get rid of the jitters.

    3) Take a teddy bear or pillow and press it to your face. SCREAM. Breathe in through the screaming apparatus. SCREAM AGAIN, LOUDER AND LONGER. Let the scream trail off pathetically until you can scream no more.

    4) Take a deep breath and comfort your poor teddy bear/pillow. Realise that you still feel your cells all trying to run off in different directions.

    5) Play the most ridiculous song you can think of (example: Macarena by Los Del Rio). Dance around your room until you are laughing. Once the song is through, drink some water and sit down to revision again. looooot, I think I have really lost the plot. I think I lost it when I managed to lose my shirt during Macarena (I really don't remember that happening). Next up seems to be Michael Jackson's Black or White.

Yup, I really think the plot is lost. I KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO. I should learn about reproductive biotechnologies for the conservation of endangered mammalian species, since I finished with horses yesterday. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE WAS A MARE WHO BASICALLY GAVE BIRTH TO HERSELF, SINCE SHE GAVE BIRTH TO HER OWN CLONE? Talk about mother-daughter resemblance. That would be one interesting horsey-household.

Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank would have no idea what to do with me, I imagine. But at least I could help her run a captive breeding programme using artificial insemination... Though I think we'd both prefer it the natural way, when push came to shove. Harry Potter, why aren't you real again? Okay well I don't personally care if you're real (shockgaspalarm blasphemy!) but why isn't your world real?

If you, uh, *cough*, want to feel super empowered as a woman:


Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
[Robin Williams]
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Here is one Postecret that is true for me:

Half the person.

Here is one Postsecret that is not true for me:

My cups overfloweth.

I love you, Mum. I miss you.

I wish I could not be hurting for knowing that it pains you to see me in such a state. I'll try to get through this in one piece so I don't add to your ouches.

At least I know that even if I'm going through my own personal hell for the next four days, it means I get to see you and Da and the little old-man pug and my friends back home soon. To get through this, I'm going to need a lot of Mother Hugs and SQUIOOSHING in the future.

(I don't often have 'I miss my mother' posts, so here is one. Also trying to put a more positive spin somewhere while my fears are trying to block the lights. But I need to get home to my mummy, and that means passing these silly little exams!)


"It was the rainbow gave thee birth, and left thee all her lovely hues."
[W. H. Davies]
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