April 14th, 2011

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Tonight my high school English teacher is in my heart and mind.

His niece was killed in a shop-equipment accident.

It's especially hard for anyone Aggie-involved (agricultural/vocational high school) because we've all heard the spiel before, what seems like a thousand times: 'OSHA says PPE and pull everything out of the way'; we'd mimic 'personal protection equipment - bla bla bla' as we tied back our hair, removed or tucked away our jewelry, took off our ID tags and donned goggles or masks or over-clothes. The beginning of freshman year my hair was 2.5 feet long - I heard the spiel more than most.

I emailed him the other week to tell him I was graduating in a few months and couldn't believe it. He responded that he was glad to have crossed my mind, and to study hard, finish strong and 'join the rat race'.

It isn't at all fair that his niece doesn't get to do the same. Stupid hair - stupid dead filaments from our follicles! He just lost his mother not too long ago, as well.

Next time I see him, I'll make sure my hair is pulled back in a bun.

I'm keeping Mr. Dufault and his family in my heart and mind. If you have any extra love/thoughts to send, please join me. I appreciate it.


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