April 3rd, 2011

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Hello, 10am-on-a-spring-break-day! Do you know why I'm consciously making your acquaintance today? Why, that is because I haven't slept!

All-nighter last night - not because I have to, but because I like them, which I suppose in itself justifies why much of my work is done in them, right before the deadline or no.

Last night:
  • Finished catching up on LJ
  • Swept the kitchen floor
  • Took out ridiculous amounts of recycling
  • Organised the rest of the recycling (while urging a very drunken Mark to just go sit and relax on the sofa, please, as he was knocking over all the glass)
  • Ran a load of laundry
  • Did more washing up/dishes
  • Cleaned/washed the counters
  • Put my load of laundry up to dry
  • Mopped the kitchen floor
  • Finished going through Sandry's Book for quotes
  • Copied my music onto my laptop

In general, not too bad. Reasonably productive. Still lots to do. Have a few things to relearn and remind myself about housework (all surfaces before floor, Kiwi, you know that!). I guess I started realising that soon I won't be a student and this will make up much of my to do list much of the time - I may as well get in the habit while I can still smile and joke about it. (;

Found a text Jojobird sent me the last day of March: "That 'because I knew you' Wicked song just came on when I was driving and it made me burst into tears 'cause I thought about you leaving!" Would have cried like a baby if I didn't set myself into other chores. It's weird to be leaving this friend who has been my best friend in England for three years, and who visited me in the States this summer... Weird and sad.

So many feelings! Every moment lately has felt heavy and laden with meaning - not in a bad way, and not always (or even often) sad. I don't know how much of it is my Aprils Fool feeling, how much is exams (I try not to think about them for it steals my sense of perception away), graduation, leaving England and my friends, how much is reconnecting to old well-loved books and characters... It's all spun up together, it seems! I'm not sure what I expected - or if I expected anything at all - but regardless, not this. It feels itchy, but not necessarily like personal growth. I guess personal transitioning - perhaps a subcategory of personal growth.

I have a new housemate: Kieran. He joined right in when Mark and I were discussing my post-midnight cleaning spree. (Mark: You should be the Mary Poppins service. Kiwi: I will be the Marry Poppins MILF Society of Midnight Cleaning. Kieran: Is she really a MILF? She doesn't really have children...so NILF? Nanny I'd like To F...? Kiwi: Mary Poppins NILF Society of Midnight Cleaners... You're going to fit right in here. [Mary Poppins MILF idea based on an icon I saw earlier that day.]) We then discussed a range of even less appropriate things. Then, I guessed things would go alright with him when he asked for a cup of tea the first night - always good to start off a new friendship by givin' a bloke a cuppa. He and his girlfriend laugh a lot. Good sign, since earlier in the evening his some-sort-of-metal band lost a Battle of the Bands competition to a cover-playing home-town Indie band.

Hmm. I knew when I signed up for uni like this that I'd be sinking my heart somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Now I have Jojo lamenting my impending emigration and Cassia messaging me with how the imminent Kiwish Inundation will be filling a void she feels. It's heart-rending and -warming at once.

Life is strange and beautiful. Or, as Gargret (church friend) and I would say, it is wacky, whimsical and wonderful. Now I think it's time for a little bit of a nap so I can get back to productivity later.


You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
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