March 31st, 2011

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Emelan fans!

Heya! Well, I guess specifically I mean Rosethorn/Lark fans, but I think most Emelan fans generally are since R/L shipping does not exclude Rosethorn/Crane shipping?

Anyway. For femslash_land I'm trying to make a manifesto for them - some new thing fangirls do, I guess? This one has to involve 5 pictures and 250 words of text, which can include quotes from the original work. It's a pretty unique endeavour for a rarepair book pairing (I mean they're canon, so they're not really rarepair, but most fans stick to Tortall or the younger characters of Emelan, don't they?). I'm trying to figure out how I'll go about this.

For pictures: I'm thinking Nana Visitor for Rosethorn, since that's who Tammy had in mind when she wrote the character. For Lark I'm thinking Waris Dirie (I searched around the web for Emelan casting threads); she's darker-skinned than the Lark I imagine, but in some of the pictures of her with lots of light I can really see her as Lark. I probably won't photo-manip them since I don't have the proper programs anymore and it takes me a while - probably just editing the two side-by-side or one-under-the-other like a comic or something, with text beneath. So that's settled-ish.

For the more representative pictures...I figure rose and lark, yes of course, but something representative of them separate from their names? Crocus and cloth? Gardening kit and spinning kit? Did it specify what kind of tree Rosethorn's magic shaped itself into? (I've always pictured oak, for some reason, but don't know if it was actually mentioned.)

ETA: I just found an embroidered crocus. alskdfjklasdjf that made me smile!

To Rosethorn, From Lark
How perfect?

For quotes: Do you have any favourites that come to mind, either exactly (or quick to look up) or paraphrased? I think I have text editions of the book saved on my computer somewhere so I could look quotes up; I think it would just be fun to incorporate some of my friends' favourites. (:

For writing: Iiii think I'll just go with whatever the rest of the manifesto inspires me to write. (;

I really need a Rosethorn/Lark icon, it seems - I've got a Rosethorn and a Lark one saved somewhere, but not one that represents both.

And, uh, hello, it seems I've joined the ship again, teehee. (I'm not leaving Harry Potter, I promise; these have always been my two main fandoms. I've actually been thinking hard on why both of them work for me so well - I think that will be a fandom ramble for another day!)

(And if anyone wondered, my screen name/pen name does come from Rosethorn and her crocuses. Her favourite flower (and mine) is the indigo crocus; she's a rather cranky/prickly character and at the time I chose my name, so was I. And can be. My Rosethorn side has certainly not been entirely enveloped by my 'new' Larkish nature.)


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