March 24th, 2011

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I'm an 80s girl in a 00's world
This is what happens when you put your hair in a side ponytail and your housemate tells you to put it really to the side, like, oldschool to the side. And then your other housemate talks about geeky webcomics and you try to look serious but then you crack up.

Then worse things happen like you and these two housemates deciding that hair should be worn as a unicorn's horn, just above one's forehead. You try to take a picture of it but it falls before your eyes, so you lift your laptop to snap a pick and can't stop laughing long enough to stop the laptop's shaking. You bite your lip to keep from cracking up and suddenly there is a picture!

...this is how you write a dissertation.

Yesterday I wrote my last essay of university. (I wrote it a day early, I'll have you know.) Still gotta add some references but it's close to done, so I'm pleased. I also took my last test today and think I rocked it. ...although I was one of the last five people to leave again, but out of the five of us I left first! So I left before four other people - five minutes early without neurotically using it to check my work - and shocked my friends who were waiting outside. They thought the instructor would have to yank my pen from my hands, not that's ever happened...I, erm, did drop the pen and flee... (I'm not a Hermione at all. No. Certainly not.)

Got a bagel and a milkshake from the Bagel Man and hung out with Claire, Jojobird and Emma (Pip went home). Borrowed a dress from Claire to wear and she attempted to help me into it but it didn't fit my bust. Different outfit for Sexy!McGonagall for the Outrageous Hat Party, then. Sent my essay to Emma to look through, which is pretty much at the level of my sending a story to kellychambliss for beta'ing. I'm half hoping it will get lost in the Internet lands.

Through this Internet I finish my full draft so I can send it to Nick tomorrow at 4pm and go to Claire's party in the evening to celebrate my temporary freedom. Trying not to beat myself up over how long it has taken me to create a draft - so annoying to know that if I push myself too hard I break! But trying this whole self-forgiveness thing out. I only feel bad because I have an excellent supervisor who wanted my work in early; I wouldn't feel so bad about it if I were like many of my classmates in not giving a draft to anyone, just handing it in on the 30th. In the end it's better this way even if there's some guilt associated.

Now back to work. Yes, my hair is still tailed on top of my head.

Dissertation face
This is my I'm-ascared-o'-you-dissertation face. I am a frightened little monster.

(But then I became a powerful unicorn, because I roped my hair, went to take a picture and was incredibly perplexed by the video Roberts started playing.)
go go power unicorn!

I look like a woman who has been babysitting children or teenagers. I haven't.


"No longer forward nor behind I look in hope and fear; but grateful take the good I find, the best of now and here."
[John G. Whittier]
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