March 16th, 2011

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Some things in the life of Kiwi:

  • [+] My brother turned 19 before, which means I officially think of him as something-other-than-a-kidling.
  • [-] This does not mean he's any less of a dweeb. I mentioned something along the lines of 'make sure not to drink to the point you can't stand up' on his FB wall as part of my happy birthday; he mentioned he may have to take up the challenge. He is now drunk enough that he threw up three times on the way back from the bar and he may have been able to stand up, but his walking was certainly sub-par. However, it is a little hilarious and he's being a good sport. He won't live this down. Future sibling teasing, huzzah! (Even when I turned 21 I didn't get that drunk. Or, uhm, drunk at all... *boring*)
  • [-] I used to be all 'yay yay unisex bathrooms!' for supporting non-gender-binary people and that I am practically living in the library where there is one...I am not so pleased and will have to re-think this stance. I swear university-aged man-boys can't aim their own willies. It smells gross, I can't go near the seats, the floors are disgusting and it's just BLECH.
  • [-] It is possible to turn off an alarm while asleep... Er, oops.
  • [-] My Mammalian Reproduction group just does not work. I have done so much for the presentation it's ridiculous, and we couldn't even organise one time to meet before our presentation tomorrow. One of them is still asking when the presentation starts and why some of her slides have been deleted. (Does she even READ emails? She overlapped someone else's topic!) *Fumes.* Group work and presentations are ridiculous. Pity that third year is made up of group presentations...
  • [-] I should not have looked up my exam schedule. It has incorporated all of my exam fears. My worst exam is on a double-exam day with an exam the day before and another the day after. I can't even. 7 exams within 8 days, plus one more randomly 15 days after the first. I thought I was going to die the moment I saw it. Thinking about it makes me want to cry until July.
  • [+] Working on my dissertation for hours.
  • [-] Realising there was very little chance I would get a FULL draft to Nick-the-supervisor on Friday morning, despite how hard I've been working toward it.
  • [+] Remembering that he said I could email him at the beginning of the week if I didn't think I could make that. Emailing him my progress and next steps but my fear I won't make the full draft deadline for then.
  • [+] Claire deciding I am going on a double date with Hannah and various others from her household.
  • [+] Time with Claire.
  • [+] Emailing Coleen that I need more time for the Rowe application (I outlined it the day I got it and have a few answered well, but need more time for a really good application) and her giving it to me with no issues. I love Rowe.
  • [-] Presentation on oestrus detection in cattle tomorrow morning and having to go early to print out my notes and meet with my group.
  • [-] All-nighter tomorrow to work on my dissertation.
  • [+] Getting to sleep again on the weekend.
  • [+/-] Being far too tempted to purchase more icon space because I love icons too much. And sure, I spend enough time on Livejournal to merit it, but it's really not something I need! Silly Kiwi.
  • [-] Still really, really wanting to curl up with my teddy bear and cry in my bed in foetal position until June at least. May is going to eat me. Augh.

8+ / 10-

And I guess that is my life for the moment. I am such a mess of everything.

Also, queen_of_snapes, I thought this would interest you. You know how in anime girls have Jiggle Factor with their breasts? I realised today that, despite believing it to be a myth, my new bra gives me anime jiggle factor. That is so bizarre. But it reminded me of Fable and you, somehow, so I giggled.

This is an incredibly ridiculous video of anime breasts. Enjoy!


"The bluebird sings a lullaby; the firefly gives a light; the twinkling stars are candles bright; sleep, Faeries all, Good Night."
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I don't know why I seem to always come to the conclusion "oh it's a presentation day, time to get the waist out of hiding!" Provides not-so-comfortable clothing for spending hours in front of a computer in the library and tends to make going to the loo more difficult than it could be. Silly Kiwi. Waists are for people with tolerance and patience.

I was super peeved with my Mammalian Reproduction group today - well, at one of the others, anyway. She didn't read the material before our first meeting, she didn't actually do her part properly, she overlapped someone else's work (because she didn't do hers properly), she didn't read any of the emails, she couldn't make our meeting yesterday and she didn't come in early today as we had planned...she came five minutes late to the class, instead. alskdjfklasjdf group work you are the bane of my existence. But I joked with the professor and at the end of our presentation he turned to the audience and asked, "Any questions for our skilled presenters?" which he didn't say for any before or after us. I was a bit put off by the student blatantly sleeping in the middle of the lecture theatre, but I was pleased when I watch from be hind as he made up marks for us - all good marks. :P

I have finally finished sorting listing my citations so I can get one portion of my results re-done. That took way too long. And now for a video dump!

Today I have been feeling very Ani DiFranco, 'Studying Stones' in particular. By 'today' I mean 'for the last x amount of time I can't remember to clarify.' So here is a cover, because I like supporting people who do covers:

Real version of the song is here.

Collapse )

If you want to hear the L Word theme song sung Alvin-and-the-chipmunks-style fast, head toward the later part of this video.

Or if you'd like a less-acoustic-but-still-fun cover of the Indigo Girls' 'Power of Two' by another lesbian, check it out over here!

But really you should watch this next video, because it is hilarious and I want you to witness the expression and pose of absolute terror that I occasionally take on in the face of my dissertation...and the hysterical laughter that can occasionally follow when I remember that I do, in fact, possess a sense of humour. (Actually I don't: I'm pretty sure it possesses me. I don't choose when to laugh; my humour is my Mistress.)

Now I am hungry and thinking about getting some food at Mojo's. Probably going to the Evolution of Language lecture with Claire at 8pm (because, uhm, I can't get enough of lectures?) and I'm excited (because I am undeniably a geek). Until then it's more dissertation work!

Oh! And Nick responded that he's pleased to hear of my progress, pleased to hear that I'm beginning to enjoy it and (this is the best) can't actually read it Friday morning, so I just have to get something to him by 6pm Friday. A procrastinator always likes to hear she has more time... (How have I never used the 'working' mood before? It's brilliant! ...I suppose that's because when I'm on livejournal I'm procrastinating!)

I am not ashamed of this long entry because it makes me grin. :Þ


"It was the rainbow gave thee birth, and left thee all her lovely hues."
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