March 8th, 2011

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I have seven Harry Potter postcards I must have picked up during some HP event. There's one for each book. They're not too exciting, but I think they're cute.

Would any of you like to be sent a postcard?

Oh! I know. If you want a postcard, comment here with your first three picks for which book postcard you'd like sent. If there are more than seven I'll find some sort of graphic or draw a picture, who knows. (:

If you leave a comment expressing interest, please send me a message with your address and I'll note it down. :D I don't mind distance: snail mail is something I try to offer some dedication.

It may not be until Spring Holidays (after 30th March, pretty much) but I would love to send them out!

Please do let me know!

P.S. I was looking up quotes about letters and found a lovely batch with some of my favourite people mentioned. Ellen DeGeneres and Ani DiFranco to Goethe and Byron. Makes me smile!


"Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company."
[Lord Byron]
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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(Ganked from woldy; I just went a little silly with the description.)

THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Well, the Internet Zombies are coming. Unfortunately for us fic’cers, they don’t eat human brains; I’m sure many of us would gladly trip a few Twilight writers (sorry!) to save our fics and the favourites we’ve read through the years. Alas, the Zombies are coming, and they are here to eat your fic! (Shock and alarm, horror and disbelief!)

You and five of your fic are going to tunnel down into one of the secret Zombie Shelters of Livejournal, hoping against hopes that the Zombies next strike against Tumblr or Twitter until the hordes of 4chan are able to amass and defeat them. (Internet Trolls have to be good for something.) You must live out your future Internet life (or lives – provided the Zombies go down) with only these five fics.

Now it is time for you to face the dreaded Rick-Rolled tune: which five fics do you pick?

Good luck, and Gods-speed.

My Choices:

  • 1) Postscript - my second fest fic, both for tetleythesecond and in general. It is a sort of prequel to the prior In Memoriam, which came about before I had any sort of grip on the characters. (In In Memoriam I, uhm, even spelled Wilhelmina’s name ‘Wilhemina’ because I had never come across the name before and never gave the character much attention. Thankfully tetleythesecond fixed that.) Anyway, it’s probably my best work as far as the depth of emotions explored (death can do that to a POV) as well as humour included (darn crone coven; I can’t keep the personality out of them if I try - which I generally don’t of course). Written for springtime_gen. The fic is definitely a keepsake for me and is the only one that I would always choose, hands down.

  • 2) The Madmen, the Scarecrow and the Milkmaid - because I just saw the line "It was Rita Skeeter: defiler of the written word and, unfortunately, sex on stilts" and nearly died laughing. Written for featherxquill as part of hp_beholder, which I was told was one of the best fics around – and it wasn’t a lie. Thus I was frightened out of my mind to write for it. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m picking this fic: I wrote it when I was scared to death to write and I wrote smut despite my fear of it. So this is a little pat on the back that I won’t let the Zombies steal from me. (You hear that, Zombies? I’ll send some Thestrals over to whoop yo’ pixelated arses.) (Also, this started the phase in my writing called ‘I Stink with Titles.’ Incidentally, I’m still in it.)

  • 3) The Phoenix and the Toad - written for hp_ssc_fest and thus not to fit anyone’s particular request. Although that’s a lie, because I had people guide my choice and used a prompt tetleythesecond had given me a while before (using Trevor as a Cupid between Augusta and Wilhelmina); so really it was more of a “three’s the charm” fic for Teskey (Pesky Tetley (; ). It’s a rare pair and I think those would generally be gems for repopulating the Glorious New Era of Fic after the Internet Zombie Apocalypse.

  • 4) Mistletoe Misdemeanour - okay not the real title, but minervas_eule suggested it and it was written for her in hoggywartyxmas and it’s ten times better than my title, so let’s go with it, alright? (I’ll change it to that when I eventually get around to uploading my own version of it in ten years or so.) I like this one because it was for a party (not a fest) and it was a winter party (winter being my favourite) and it got me through being stuck away from home for Solstice. hoggywartyxmas is special to me. Plus, this is a rare pair (see ‘repopulating’).

  • 5) Mermaid Manipulation - I am going with my most recent fic because I really stepped out of my bounds to write it. It’s dysfunctional and I generally don’t ‘do’ dysfunctional (note that many of my other stories feature friendship and occasional sex). It became a bit less dysfunctional after beta’ing (which I completely don’t mind – I like being less in the dark with the ending!) but is regardless way beyond what I would ever otherwise write. It was written for tetleythesecond’s prompt at dysfuncentine. (Wow, Tetley, can I just promote you from Friend to Muse now? Teehee.) It’s Amelia Bones/Tonks with another surprise paring so, once again, a rare pair. It was between this and Unicorn Horn Delight but I’m going with the rare pair (Amelia Bones/Tonks and Amelia Bones/mystery are rarer than Wilhelmina/Minerva, I think). Plus, it’s always good to go small – so 4,000 words instead of 9,500; I don’t want to be cramped in my Zombie Shelter. (;

What would you choose?

(And now it sounds a little like Pokémon. Oops. :B)


"I am a writer who happens to love women. I am not a lesbian who happens to write."
[Jeanette Winterson]
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