March 5th, 2011

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This is a Random Post. However, I saw that my mother has been commenting on my recent entries (yay!) so I thought I would introduce her.

My mother is gerrist. She isn't around too much and doesn't post many entries of her own, but the few she does post are easy to relate to:

"OK, so it is my first day of no work. I'm scared. Nothing new there.

Tomorrow Graham is taking the day and we are off to look at colleges in Worcester. On Wednesday I will start the Job Search.

I wish getting simple answers to simple questions was easier.

I wish ... I didn't wish for anything and was replete in the pause.

So I'll clean the bathroom."

(2008) [Graham = her husband/my Da.]

(Or another starting with "Mom is coming to help me clean. I seem to do NOTHING when left alone." and ending with "Mom just arrived. Best sign off." That seems very familiar and much like generational repetition... :Þ) Or the Pancakes entry kept me chuckling. Teehee, my mother is a hoot and a half.

She loves meeting and interacting with my friends (she's friends with many of them on Facebook) and loves chatting in general, so please feel free to interact with her on my livejournal! She's great fun. (Occasionally she doesn't know to hit 'reply' rather than 'post a comment' so I'd have to send a message along letting you know she replied. (; ) I think she'd be delighted.

That's all for now! Thank goodness for restful Saturdays.

(And since my mother is a pretty colourful person herself, I shall use this banner again. :D )


"It was the rainbow gave thee birth, and left thee all her lovely hues."
[W. H. Davies]
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