March 4th, 2011

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Clover and I went for Chinese and a film tonight. As in, we purchased Chinese and brought it back to my room, where we got comfortable and watched Bring It On like two 90s kids.

I laughed endlessly when she didn't know what "dyke" meant and admitted she thought it meant dildo (one character quips something like, "Plus, Missy looks like an uberdyke"). And didn't know that "uberdyke," (missing umlaut there but I don't seem to spell it with one in my brain) by her definition, would be a "huge dildo"...which would actually go with an insult used later in the film, when one football player called another a "buttplug." (Ah, the 90s were sweet sweet times for teenage potty-mouths.) After I told her the real definition she asked, "But why?! Missy doesn't look like a lesbian!" I shrugged and admitted that she fit a stereotype. Clover hadn't known there were stereotypes for lesbians too. I had to ask, "Well, if there are stereotypes for everything else, why not lesbians? This film is made up of stereotypes: caricatures of common high school stereotypes. And I can't lie, a lot of my lesbian friends and I may have followed that one ourselves..."

Later in the den she said, "Today I have been daft! Look, I'm turning English: daft!" So I repeated it, and of course it sounded different coming from me, so she repeated my version. " giraffe!" We all laughed endlessly and repeated, "Ah, yes, you are daft, daft like a giraffe" and decided that "giraffe" is the new term for when someone has gone a bit loose between the ears.

Now it is sadly time for sleep. I really, really stink with bedtimes. I don't know how tomorrow will go, but hopefully it will end in the Global Cafe at the TAG International Women's Comedy Night - that would be swell!

Also, apologies if any of my opinions in the ABC meme snagged at anyone's emotions. I am trying to be a bit less wishy-washy and 'aaagh avoid confrontation AT ALL COSTS!' with my speech and living, but that doesn't really stop the paranoid guilt. And it isn't going too well. (Note: this apology in general and 'a bit less.')


"Listen, why don't you save yourself years of sexual ambiguity and get fitted for a pair of Doc Martens and a plaid flannel shirt?"
[Stewie; Family Guy]
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Clover opted out of going to lecture with me today, which upset me a bit (unreasonably, I know) because it means she didn't really get to meet my good ecology friends and we didn't get to go through with our plan of lecture --> library (to print something out for her) --> town and then onto our adventure.

Instead Jojobird drove me home and I caught Clover just as she was getting ready to head to uni campus to explore. (I know I'm just being petty and territorial when my brain wibbles, "But it's my campus and I want to go around it with you!" I know she's an independent person. Brain, I acknowledge your feelings.)

I got some blissful Kiwi time in Global Cafe (my favourite hippie-fairtrade-intellectual cafe in town) while Clover shopped at the Oracle. Then the two of us hung around here together faffing about and relaxing. She did some organic chemistry, which I can only guess is the opposite of 'relaxing' (and, indeed, of 'faffing').

Omer (crush!girl from a few months back and drop-dead gorgeous art student) came in and caught me by surprise. I'll see her again later when we're all here for the International Women's Day Women's Comedy Night (yes yes yes! :D). I'm excited.

I need to stop being such a cranky-pants crocus. I think my social muscle has been over-extended during this hosting session, which is a bit odd, since I swear it's never been stressed this much before with such short spurts of hosting. Then, I suppose I've never felt this stressed by Life In General either, so that may explain it.

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Now it's time for food at Old Orleans! Time for some Southern American (Southern USA) Chicken and an ice cream cocktail. (; Then some funny women! I'm psyched!


"Let no one who loves be unhappy; even love unreturned has its rainbow."
[James M. Barrie]
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