February 19th, 2011

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Hmm. I have a cut on my knuckle; I wonder where that came from. Anyway, I meant to start this entry with the fact that I'm on one side of tipsy because Mark gave me wine and I don't usually drink. So. There you go.

Okay, well I started this post ten minutes ago and I'm not sure why.

OH! I finished my dysfuncentine story editing at early o'clock and tried to think of a title. I sat for about a half an hour and realised I could have written more than a thousand words but could not think of even one title I thought was reasonable. Watched an episode of Skins.

Now it is late o'clock and I have been thinking/failing to think of titles since early o'clock and still have nuttin'. I CANNAE DOOOOO THIS. Also that terminology is to be blamed on Emma (Roberts-the-housemate's girlfriend) who is here from Edinburgh for the weekend and is and dressed like one of those strange pixie-like blue creatures in the Terry Pratchett novels that speaks Glaswegian and wears Tartan (she dressed up for a part). Now we just keep saying "McGonagall" over and over because we are tipsy and, erm, well there is no more explanation. But still, after the entire early-to-late-o'clock, no title is mine! I am terrible at this! Rawrg!

Mark and I were ranting about life and people breaking up and people together and us not doing either and stress and procrastination and things that make us 'grrr/waaah' and I said "This so FEBRUARY!" and he declared that that was the most accurate description for all of this.

Oh and today I got parcels from my parents and grandparents. They included a card and leggings (from my parents), a rainbow knitted bag and card (from my friend sent by my parents), a top/dress and a bracelet - "Dreams become reality one choice at a time" (from my grandparents). I am wearing all but the bag because 'wearing' a bag would be complicated.

I can't believe I'm turning 21 away from my Stateside friends and family. I didn't realise it would feel so different from turning 20 - I generally hardly notice such things.

Now I'm going to go do a stupid thing and attempt reading fanfic. (; Let's see how this goes.


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
[Rachel Carson]
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