February 2nd, 2011

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I made it through my 'dissertation weekend' which actually spanned Friday to Wednesday...so 6 days of dissertationing.

I have more than 10 pages of notes (that's a lot for me: front-and-back, 3 lines of text for every set 1 line) for 4 sources and 7 more books in the room to scan through as well as journal articles saved to my computer. Edited and re-organised my literature review into the dissertation document, primarily as introductory material - and cutting quite a bit; also added 'comments' for where I wanted to add better material/references/explanations. Added a short methodology (hello, literature-based project...) and started writing in most sections. 5,250 words now - about 3,000 from the lit. review. Not all good words and some just skeletal 'here are my thoughts in full writing' place-holders, but there to remind me where I'm going with each section.

So, uh, I didn't get the 'substantial' amount of writing I had hoped for, but I did actually make a full start again and for me that's a huge accomplishment. I'm not entirely pleased and thus a little disappointed but, er, it's impossible to please myself, so that's alright. 5,250 is technically half-way there, although we've been given an extension of 12-15,000 words (rather than 10,000) if we want them since it's a literature-based dissertation.

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Now I think I'm going to keep working on my writing community and creating a masterlist, so that someday within the year I may actually be able to let people see it. (Maybe.)


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