January 24th, 2011

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Once upon a time, I had to sit in a boring booth and try to speak up about Women's Equality and Women's Issues as disinterested jocks strutted by. I got a little bored. When I saw the fencing girls walk by a few times, I noticed that they had straps in places I would consider highly uncomfortable. A little drabble appeared in my notebook and I have just found it:

“Must there really be a strap here?” Minerva huffed as she adjusted and re-adjusted her fencing costume. “Rolanda, I feel as though I’m wearing a glorified nappy…with sleeves.”

“And what do you think your Godric Gryffindor wore when he was learning to wield his sword?”

Minerva’s eyebrow rose as she fidgeted with her gloves. “Significantly less, I would imagine.”

Rolanda barked out her laughter. She stilled Minerva’s arm at the wrist. “Minerva, your fidgeting is not becoming.”

“Nor was Godric. Hand me that sodding sword before I hex you to his grave.”

Rolanda grinned; impatience was apparently very becoming.

And now back to doing not much of anything. Oh, but not quite! There was some lovely Goethe poetry in the book I am reading (Goethe's World View Presented in his Reflections and Maxims edited by Frederick Ungar and translated by Heinz Norden). I don't know what it's called and haven't been too bothered to look it up, but it did catch my eye:

  • Conceived to be seeing,
    Appointed to sight,
    The tower my being,
    The world my delight.
    I peer in the distance,
    I see what is near,
    The heavens' persistence,
    The fleet-footed deer.
    And as I find measure
    In all that I view,
    I view it with pleasure
    And so myself too.
    Ye eyes I call blessed,
    Of all things ye see
    The lasting remembrance
    Their beauty will be.

And now off with me for some reading, snacking, thinking, dreaming... I'm trying to remember, or re-teach myself, to be with myself. Through the years I have leaned to do with myself (doing this and that and the next thing alone, but always doing) and forgotten the art of being with myself (while doing nothing or something or during the transitions that should be graceful between the two). I think I needed this; I think I needed this very much. Thank goodness my guilt is running away!


You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
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