January 23rd, 2011

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As a treat for myself, it seems, I spent a weekend immersed in fandom. Oh, it was beautiful: button-down and boxer jammies all weekend; Mark-the-Housemate cooking two over-portioned curries he then offered me the privilege of helping consume; window cracked for a spring-like breeze and bird song; peaceful sleep and surprising wakefulness in the morning; and fic after glorious fic. What a weekend. It was supposed to be one of my ‘dissertation weekends’… oops. Not. Tomorrow’s a free day, so there’s always tomorrow for some productivity.

For now, some more rec’cing (I’m trying to keep on top of it this time). These are from femmefest 2010, so many of you will have already seen them. But sometimes I’m asked for my rec posts by friends outside of my fandom corner, so I’ll put them up anyway!

femmefest reccommendations:

That’s all for now. I made it through all the femmefest bookmarks I had down, but realise I did not manage to bookmark all entries. I'm afraid at the moment I won't re-checking the fest for entries I didn't see because I didn't participate in the fest and would like to move onto my hp_ssc_fest and springtime_gen bookmarks, since I participated in those and would like to get through them, however belated. If there are any femmefest stories I haven't mentions that you think of and believe I would enjoy, feel free to point me toward them!

You know, I woke up today at 8am and it’s only 9pm now, yet I’m exhausted. I turned down going out tonight because it ‘felt too late’ when it was merely 5pm; I was considering, instead, waking up tomorrow morning and heading to the shops tomorrow morning. I intend to go to the friend’s house tomorrow night for ‘pre-drinks,’ although I will not be drinking and it will not be pre-anything as I’ll be coming home to head to bed—10am lecture the next day.

If my final year is supposed to be the most zany, I clearly missed the memo. (Mark doesn’t seem to have: he’s pulling an all-nighter tonight to finish one of his 3,500 word essays due in for tomorrow; the other he is taking the 10% mark-down on and will finish it for next week. His essays are strange, too—all linguistic and ‘transcribe’ and, for Mila’s sake, celebrities. It’s all very foreign to me, the girl who spent the week writing about ecosystem services underpinning human well-being and how ecosystem services degradation impacts the rural poor and ‘DDT: was it that bad?’) Oh, sleep, why do we ever give you up for academia? You are a treasure.


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