January 20th, 2011

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Recent interview with Judi Dench.

I picked this up from minervas_eule and loved it.

"...because you were not an enthusiastic singer..."
"I'm enthusiastic."

And: "Well, you get to boss James Bound; it's pretty cool."

I didn't know that she had grown up thinking she would like to be on the tech side, hanging out with the ninjas, as I call them. (Techies for stage mostly have to wear all black and be quite sneaky/quick. I imagine stage designers spend a fair amount of time with them as well.)

Ah, I do love Judi Dench. Must watch more of her work. It's another one of those 'after university...' tasks. That list grows long. Thankfully my 'after university' should be a long time indeed, until I possibly decide to go masochistic again and further my education. Let's just not think on that, shall we?

Update on my life: 1) Finally unpacked and cleaned my room, hoovered and everything; left to do is laundry, changing sheets and shopping, really. 2) Hayley came over today so we could work. I faffed about a bit, got a smudge done and was too exhausted to continue. I had a lovely time with her regardless and had a great time going out to lunch with her at the shop up the road. 3) My sleep schedule is bizarre. I go to sleep between 5 and 8pm, wake up from 1 to 3am, stay up for a few hours faffing about and then take a nap before lecture. It means I don't see my housemates much but I have actually been enjoying it. Furthermore, I am now down to only one set of bags under my eyes, which means I must be doing something close to right. I was getting a bit sick of the 'I'm too fantastic for sleep' look that is so in style lately. 4) Time to start working on another essay, this one half the size, due in for Friday evening. Shouldn't be too much of a fuss and it's on a topic I've been writing about since high school. Plus I get to talk about Rachel Carson - what more could I ask for? (:

Hope you all are doing well!


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