January 2nd, 2011

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First, thanks for all the New Years messages, and I will reply to them all when I am not a frenzied mess!

My new years:

- the party was a bit strange at first and I realised I do in general much prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings for certain holidays, such as New Year's; I eventually met Kara the Adorable Lesbian and we had deep conversations; there were other memorable and fun moments and all-in-all I had a good time
- loved spending New Year's with Cassia, Zephyr, Jono, Speedy (now Greg or Gregegg), Casey, Amy, Jon S. and others as well as texting Wishi; all of that was really nice
- the first day of the year was icktastic in some ways (old things coming back and re-finishing in a yucky way, but I guess it's best to acknowledge that for the new year, and my friends were amazing in helping me get through it as I paced around their kitchen and made pasta that I then couldn't eat for a while and was generally tragic, wayward, broken and crazy) and lovely in others as I settled down eventually and had some lovely alone-time with Casey and then with Cassia, which I value greatly
- came home and was delighted to chat online with Adorable Lesbian and twitter with Cassia and make her happy by telling her my mother think she's awesome and loves her; laughed watching Lizzy the Lezzy and read hoggywarty fanfic
- realised I had missed the deadline to post lore_85's second Secret Santa gift and felt terrible, so rushed off to do that; it's posted now so I feel better but incredibly tired since I should be sleeping
- tomorrow (er, today) I head in to my UU congregation for service and then for OWL (Our Whole Lives, the sex education program) for the LGBTQ panel, during which I will chat with the kids about my experience and answer questions with the other panel guests
- after that my mother is bringing me to Providence so I can watch Black Swan with Cassia, Zephyr, Adorable Lesbian and some others; it should be fun and I'm really excited for this film
- I realised how little time I have left until I go home and that makes me sad; I especially hate that I have WORK to do before I go home--an essay due the first day of term? REALLY? Do any of us need this?

That's my year to date. I love my new Docs so much that I want to sleep in them but feel that is generally a Bad Idea and that my dog would not appreciate the gesture.

So, with that, I'm going to sleep. 'Sleep in a timely manner' was not on my resolutions list--probably because I didn't make one.

Goodnight, everyone! I'll catch up on your new years soon, when my life calms down a little! ♥


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