December 29th, 2010

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It's 4am and Cassia will be picking me up some time around 11.30. I still have to wake up and pack something tomorrow. Being awake right now is what I consider a Bad Life Decision (stated with a twist, for usually it means the opposite and more 'bad time decision; good life decision'), but I don't particularly mind. I stayed up teaching myself Hedwig's Theme on the ukulele--that is what I consider Time Well Spent, even if it was a Bad Life Decision. I've realised none of the terms in my life mean what they should.

Last night I got to enjoy a hot tub in the snow. My brother froze his hair to be like Sonic the Hedgehog's. Today I got massaged by a chair as some kidling-spawn-critter spewed on and on about Wii Tennis and Carla debated that global warming really isn't as big an issue as it's made out to be and not very affiliated with humans and that we are in a post-racial society. But the massage!

In 2011, cranky__crocus resolves to...
Backup my england regularly.
Keep my fanfiction clean.
Go drawing three times a week.
Take evening classes in sarcasm.
Put fifty kittens a month into my savings account.
Apply for a new school.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I agree with the first one, after my last air travel shindig. ...I'm not sure sure I should be keeping my fanfic clean, so to say. Drawing sounds like a good idea. I very much approve of the sarcasm classes--may they be taught by Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape, please? I would love fifty kittens in savings. *shivers* let us avoid applications for new schools, shall we? I've been working so hard to finally get out of THIS one!

Now I really will sleep like a good little girl. Tomorrow I take Providence by peace, because it's had enough storm.


You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
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