December 17th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I finished the terrible paper, finished up my handouts, practised my presentations, chatted with my friends and Skyped with my sister when I was finished.

I am dressed like a ladybird (all black and red) for my presentation. All I really have to get through is a few presentations, some printing and some handing it. (:

I made it through another night-before-last-day-of-term all-nighter. Somehow I didn't think I'd grow out of these. I feel calm in that tired, accomplished way. I did it!

Did you know I'm 11 years old on Mars? My next birthday is 17 September 2012 - I won't be in school anymore! :B But don't fear, my Mercurian birthday is coming up on 5 February 2011 -- I'll be 87! Better get that cane settled up fast!
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