December 15th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I went downstairs a long while ago to fetch a glass of juice. I made danced around the kitchen, made pasta and watched Miranda with Mark. I came back with no juice.

I was going to get all peeved and mopy with how I'm a failure and can't get myself to work on my self-designated all-nighter.

Then went I went to use the loo, I lifted the lid and knocked the bathroom & toilet cleaner straight into the toilet and yelped, wondering what could have caused that knock-knock-splash sound. When I saw what was in the loo, I decided there was no other choice, the universe was reminding me to keep the humour in my life.

And now, now I will do a little procrastination (because procrastination is great fodder for humour) and I will work. Because I am not a failure. I am just a little silly and devious.
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