December 8th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Once, in a far off land, there was an avalanche. It was not an avalanche of snow or bills or tax collectors, no!

It was an avalanche of coursework. No one heard the cries, but in that far off land, a girl was covered; she could no longer see the rainbows reflected off the raindrop-diamonds she held so dear.

She built herself a little hermit cave out of reference books, science journals and index cards. She hosted recycled-raindrop and Goetheberry tea to any creatures that moseyed by; she grew a garden of genetically-biodiverse seeds from the seedbanks intended to preserve diversity all around the world.

It was not a happy existence, for she could find no way out of her little hermit hole (and was too large to follow her mice friends), but it was a well-understood existence, for it meant she was fully immersed.

In that far off land, that Academia over the horizon, Kiwi sat in her academic abode sipping tea, eating literature reviews and conversing with her pinky toe.

That is where the story is left. There is a prophecy that some day, some beautiful summer day in the month of May so far away, the fair maiden Summer will don flowing clothes in eleven pieces and frolic to the avalanche remains. She will gasp, daintily, and decide she's not much for maidenhead or hood anyway; she will rip her skirt, tighten her corset, pull on some Docs and dive in.

Out will come Summer with a dashing smile, hand-in-hand with Kiwi and her last cup of Goetheberry tea, which she will spill to the ground to watch crocuses grow up and tut at her. Then Kiwi will know she is free. She will round-off through the meadow, taste raindrops on her tongue and count eleven rainbows to the tune of ukulele song.

The the future.

[This just in: Kiwi has officially lost her mind. Have you checked your socks lately?]
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am in that place and time, that hard place and time, wherein it is time to yield.

Not yield in any time of weakness:

I am yielding to the understanding that this situation is strong and hard, and that I have to get through it; I yield to its characteristics and yield to it as my path right now.

I am yielding to the knowledge that to face it, I must and will be strong and hard; I will meet the situation.

Today I have had flares of understanding that I can do this and do it in my own way, even if it surprises some people or disappoints others. In the end I will do this and it will be done in a way that fits me.

The flares are not permanent - as everything is impermanent, and adds to my appreciation of their momentary existence - but they seem to be growing longer. I will work and hope to have this continue.

Hello, Universe and University, I'm Kiwi! I won't tackle you with a hammer or sword, but I have artistic hands and a perspective no one else has; I hope I can use them with you. (:
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Pirate: "Wenches, would you like to play Magic with John and I?"
Batgirl/Wenches: "Wow! Grammar!
[General admiration for the grammar improvement.]
[Kiwi covers her mouth and bites her lip, harder with each statement.]
B: "What are youuuu giggling about?"
Kiwi: [Whispers behind her hand.] "It's not actually correct..."
B: "But it is quite an improvement on his usual speech!" [Pirate in the background hollers out some loud unintelligible phrase.] "See? It wasn't too loud or slurred... but why isn't it right?"
[Kiwi explains subjects, objects and prepositional phrases with examples for proper use.]
[Housemates blink at her and chuckle over how complex it all is.]
B: "I'm glad you don't read through my papers!"
Kiwi: [Blushes.] "And I was doing so well with not pointing out grammar the way I used to... But good enunciation, Pirate!"

Kiwi: "I have to be off writing Harry Potter stories! But this time it doesn't have to have sex! Woot woot!" [Waves her hand around in the air.]
[Roberts converses with her.]
Roberts, at last inquiring: "Are you writing...oh, what is it called, FF? I don't know the terminology, no no--slash!"
Kiwi: [Grinning.] "Femslash! Lesbians rather than gay men. But no one minds much, because it's the older women in the books and they're all written pretty gay anyway. All the professors seem to be." [She explains Rolanda, with which Roberts agrees immediately; Amelia Bones and her monocle, to Roberts' approval; Wilhelmina and her hair and pipe, which Roberts agrees with once Willa's favourite animal has been clarified as 'unicorn'.]
Batgirl: "Are you saying all the characters in Harry Potter are gay?"
Kiwi: "Not at all! The younger generation are all remarkably straight. It seems the older generation is rather gay to balance the breeding-like-bunnies younger population."
R: "Ah! A flaw! How could there be a younger generation if the older generation were all gay?"
Kiwi: "The Hogwarts professors, to our knowledge, don't have children, 'cept maybe Sprout, who I think is straight or flexible and may have had children."
R: "And Albus was gay."
[Kiwi nods her approval.]
Pirate: "I just thought the use of the Room of Requirements was pretty great."
R: "Do you think all the professors went in there for orgies?"
P: [As it would be yelled in a Powerthirst video:] "PROFESSORGY!"
[Everyone dies laughing.]

That is what I have been up to since returning home. Well, that and writing. I have written one section of my hoggywarty. Thank you, 1000 word mark!