December 4th, 2010

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To The Postal Service:

I want to kick you where it hurts. If you have done to my walking cane parcel what you've done with Pirate's gift for Batgirl, I will not be pleased--no, not pleased at all.

If you have sent my parcel away because one post person was too lazy to KNOCK and then check the 'too big to fit through letterbox' box, write a string of numbers, put down one signature, and slip it through the letterbox, I WILL hex you and your ancestors with unpluckable uni-bushbrows for all time!

It's winter! The English don't seem to comprehend shovelling! I'm handicapped! I can't walk on compressed snow-ice! I. Want. My. Cane., which I purchased with inclusion of a shipping cost; I refuse to pay that again.

If you have indeed done what I think you've done to me, you better be prepared to fix it. I'm not paying anything again and I won't grow any happier with further time waiting!

Here is a death!glare just for you,

At least I watched 30 Rock as part of my work-break and Jack said 'orgasm' instead of 'organism'. I was telling my friend before a presentation a few weeks ago that I kept doing that and absolutely could not do that during the real presentation. Science, people, is a bitch.

Although it wasn't quite as bad as that time I was thinking of 'chick literature' and lesbian erotica at the same time, and said 'cliterature'. That was an...interesting...moment in my life.

Now back to work. Guess who has to write up more presentations? ORITEME!

[And here I thought 'oh no I shouldn't upload that icon of McGonagall, when am I ever angry enough to use it? Apparently my brain knew something I didn't.]