December 3rd, 2010

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Indications that you are indeed a student or person with student-like-habits (often found also in lecturers):

1) Drinking cold tomato soup out of the can because you have too much to do to waste time cooking. (But having time to eat ice cream afterward.)
2) Announcing at a meeting that you "hate any times ending in 'am'."
3) Proclaim that really, truly, HONESTLY you are going to be in bed before midnight this time...and your head touching the pillow somewhere around 2am.
4) Finding that despite spending eating and sleeping time on work, the end of term is still 2 weeks away and the mountain of work does not appear to be diminishing but rather boinking like bunnies and growing only taller.
5) Realising you are, in fact, not a mountaineer and feeling rather low about your chances to accomplish it all well and on time!

I'm on campus with Jojo waiting for my 9.30 lecture. I am tired. At least I got through ALL of my emails last night (I had 250 unanswered from times back to October). I feel caught up on life. I'm going to on-and-off catch up on LJ because I feel better that way, and then make a list of everything I have to do (uni, life, fandom) before the end of the year.

alskdjflkasjdf Too much too much!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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"We don't have to wear funny hats in Scotland!"
"But that's the best part!"
"But we don't have to wear them. I don't like the funny hats!"
"Excuse me! You are speaking to someone who has two funny hats!"

My housemates, discussing graduation garb.

We are eating chocolate-covered ginger biscuits with the Festivus Tree on and the lights down low. John and Emma (responsibility for the above conversation) have been drinking champagne and wine.

I'm catching up on LJ. I can do it, I can do it! I have to accomplish so much this weekend. Today is a breather and catch-up-on-lifer.

OH DEAD DUMBLEDORE THE TELEVISION, IT'S TERRIBLE!! No I've recovered now. Although that call of a couple calling the police while really, really high convinced they were dead was pretty hilarious. Now back to accomplishing things. Oh and I bought motivational chocolate today so I can be inspired to do more work!'d think I was the one drinking...
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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One year ago:

Emma: "Why don't you date Emily? She's in LGBTQ!"
Kiwi: "She's very...tall. And I'm very...not."
E: "I know! It'd be the tallest and shortest member of LGBTQ together! It'd be adorable!"
K: "I'm not sure that's how it works...or would work..."
E: "Why not! You'd come up to her hips. You'd be at the perfect level!"
K: [Turns beat red and stops speaking, which may be a first, for she cannot remember the last time she felt the feeling 'embarrassment' and cannot remember a time since.]
E: "Oh my. I've actually embarrassed Kiwi!"

A few moments ago:
[We all taste a drink that is home-grown and home-made black-currant-with-rum-something, supposedly meant to help with coughs and sore throats.]
Emma: "It's like Ribena, but nicer!"
John: "Because it's home-grown black-currents!"
Jacqui: "Which you would always like to say about Ribena but never really feels true..."
John: "But in this case, Emma's Mum is a one-woman farm shop!"
Kiwi: [Grins.] "Is she always open?"
Emma: [Keels over laughing.] "I think you've finally got me back for that Emily comment forever ago that I reminded you of this evening! You've finally got me back!"
John: "I want to put that on Facebook, but your Mum's on Facebook..."

AT LAST! Justice and revenge! A 'Your Mum' joke to reclaim my name!


Emma: [Asks John some question about himself ending in 'is so big?']
John: "When you've figured that out, you have figured out an undamental factor of..." [Pauses and realises what he's said.]
Kiwi: "Undamental? As in, the very factor of your undoing? Yes, quite."
J: "I think I need more wine."

(Somehow, John, I don't think that is the conclusion to be drawn from this conversation.)