November 27th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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27 November 2005 I had 19,400 words for NaNo WriMo. I was sure I would finish and was dedicated to the task.

Today is 27 November 2010 and I am 20 rather than 15. I have 29,000 words. I am sure I will finish and am dedicated to the task.

Come on, 15-year-old self, let's rock this up!

ETA: "P.S. I am completely bonkers and nutty and insane and crazy and loony. But you know what? It's COMPLETELY worth it." - Kiwi, 30 November 2005

"You're a crazy person" - Molly/zapthatmonster, 30 November 2005

"... You have TALENT." - Elena, 30 November 2005
"You are so cool." - Elena, 30 November 2005

"You've got a lot of determination!" Safi, 30 November 2005

Just for some inspiration. I can do iiiiit!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Why is 5-6am supposed to be a time of sleep again?

I think my frazzled university mind has forgotten.


[wacky wracksports stole my braiiiiiin. plucking plympsies!]

^ what university can do to a young mind.