November 7th, 2010

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I have been working on this presentation all day long. (Mind, my day starts at noon, and my breakfast isn't until 2pm, but then it's down to business).

I was looking up pictures of Trelawney to put for my 'predicting invasives' slide (as in, hah, we fail!) and came across this picture. I was delighted.

Little moments like this make working a little more sane.

(Also, yes, my opinions of university have allowed me to start adding pictures of Trelawney, aliens and Mario Kart villains into my presentations. Take that, standardised education: your once-overachiever has turned ridiculous.)

Also, if any of you enjoy poached eggs but can't for the life of you get them right, try poaching them in cling-form (egg in, cling-form tied/twisted, normal time in the pot and there you go). I've never got one right until today. Nummy poached egg on toast!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am positive that Harry and Sarah only visit us for the living room and kitchen. They visit us most often on Sundays, before 2pm. We are in jammies then, waking up and pondering breakfast. Harry previously admitted that he was keeping a 'Christian presence in the house' and that Sarah didn't bother. WE DON'T NEED A CHRISTIAN PRESENCE, THANK YOU! We have two atheist gay men, two atheist goth/alternative people, two atheist computer/robot people and a Unitarian Universalist Paganesque regardless-heathen lesbian. I don't know about Dimitri.

Harry has now come up to ask if he can have one of my eggs, because I'm pretty much the only one in the household to have some.


Because Harry and Sarah are baking brownies. In our kitchen. While only Batgirl is there, because she is eating breakfast.

They used to bake every Sunday here. That made sense. Why? Because they lived here. Now they don't. Now they're baking in our house Sunday morning (I call it 'morning' because the majority of us would not choose to be awake) and sitting up in our living room until late Friday night when no-one but I am home - and it's not like we were talking, because they were just talking and cuddling and I was thinking about how much I would prefer to be in my room accomplishing things.

Dear Harry and Sarah,

You do not live here any more. Please take your baking elsewhere - like to, oh, one of your TWO HOMES because you live in separate places and have two separate kitchens to exploit!

Also, the next time you intend to come bake at someone else's house after not telling them you were dropping by or intending to use their kitchen, please BYODE - Bring Your Own Damn Egg.

Annoyed clucks,

P.S. If you leave your baking stuff all over the kitchen John just cleaned yesterday, like you used to last year, you are going to have some highly-displeased EX-housemates.

Thank you, Livejournal, for your endless ranting ability. Maybe I'll be able to go finish my work now. Since I won't be making breakfast any time soon.