November 5th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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* Woke up when for the time I set my alarm to, even though it was an hour and a half before I needed to leave. I was proud. Had breakfast of honeyed toast and packed an apple.

* I'm doing the presentation for my group in Conservation & Biodiversity, because Jo, CJ & Rita don't like doing them; I am okay with this.

* The lecture was terrible. Mostly tangents, a lot of stuff I learned in fresher Exploiters & Exploited and I was mind-numbingly when any new stuff arrived. My laptop's fan is officially too loud for me to use it during lecture - typing being the one thing that kept me awake and aware. Rest of the lectures was doodles and angsty writing. I really should care. I couldn't.

* Bought Jo some chocolate. She drove me home. Hung out with Mark in my room. Connected with my friends. Read some Goethe stuff for my dissertation - not a huge amount, but it's starting; starting is my problem. Finished watching 'The Shipping News'.

* Co-op with Mark to get some more juice, some pita bread and some hummus. I'm so much happier snacking on cherry tomatoes, grapes and healthier snack foods.

* Worked some more and then during wind-down time wrote 2,000 words. (Mother, please don't worry - writing doesn't take me long [you know this to be true] and the time would be spent doing other non-work things if I weren't writing.)

* Tomorrow is Bonfire Night. My household is having a little shindig and I'm excited for it. Then it's down to business for the weekend since I have a presentation Monday (I have everything down in notes form but have to make the presentation & handout sheet) and my dissertation meeting Tuesday. I'm worried for the latter, as I always am, but if I don't feel I've done enough by then I may ask to reschedule for the week after and just push to get lots more done, even if I feel shoddy for rescheduling it. Starting has been such a mind-frak for me, but I feel like I'm getting to the point where the ball will start rolling - and once that happens, I'm generally okay.

* I'm OK. I hope it continues.