October 8th, 2010

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My old high school English teacher, Mr. Dufault, is going through a difficult time. His mother just passed on and he's working through all the hassles that go along with modern-day death, all while his heart cries behind his strict façade.

I had him for three years of high school and very much wish I had had him for the fourth in-between. I don't say it lightly when I say that I love him; he was a gruff father-figure through my high school years and though I wouldn't have shown it through my first two years, I've always been very fond of him.

I'm also friends with his daughter, one year older than I, from when she came on the trip to Salem with our class. We walked through Salem and spoke all day; she told me the wonders of college and art school (RISD) while I offered anecdotes of her father-the-teacher, a side she didn't see daily. Through my Facebook relationship with these two, I've also seen much of Allyson's mother--Mr. Dufault's wife. She is incredibly loving with a great sense of humour (as one would have to be to live and love Mr. Dufault, chuckles). His son is also a riot.

I don't particularly do prayers by the limited definition, but I do keep people in mind and try to consciously send my love. If you could join me in keeping Mr. Dufault and his family in your mind/heart and send some white-light thoughts their way I would very much appreciate it.

I posted a message on Facebook and have had many comments, especially from ex-students. We all love Mr. Dufault! Grumpy old git. Hopefully his family and sense of humour will get him through this as well.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I had dreams of romping through literary pieces again. I also had dreams of meeting up with old science teachers.

With thinking of Mr. Dufault so often, I am reminded of how much I miss his teaching and his subject. Once upon a time (and if I'm honest, probably still now), an English teacher (as a role) was about the closest person to my heart.

I never felt I was very good at literary analysis, and indeed never felt I had the knack, but I do miss it terribly.

English and science. They'll forever be warring and fraternising alternatively within me. I think half the point of my doing a science course is to reunite them with greater strength, rid myself of the warring. I want to lengthen the moments of gazing at the world with amazement and wonder, both with scientific appreciation and a word-smith's flowing ideas.

Goodness gracious, I miss grammar lessons!

But, as Mr. Dufault has always said, "It's time to play school," and for now that is not English. Science, we're together again.
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