October 7th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today I danced for approximately 6 hours while standing behind a table, smiling and handing out flyers.

I don't know how some feminists do this in heels.

(Lacing up the boots for another 6 hours of behind-the-stall dancing tomorrow, this time for jocks who will probably stare at my chest before signing up for rugby. If only we could get some of the female rugby players... (; )

Go Women's Campaign!

Ker-plunk for more sleep now even after a 3-hour nap with Eve. Sweet dreams!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Does anyone else ever get physical shivers/goosebumps when (s)he listen/watch something incredible and touching? (It's more visual+auditory for me and doesn't necessarily happen with reading.)

Today I watched Glee.

Normally, I don't take it seriously. kellychambliss asked a while ago how I was able to watch the show, and I haven't yet been all the way through my inbox and thus haven't answered, but the gist of it is that I don't take it seriously. With everything save school, I excel at taking a step back and not taking things seriously while remaining close enough to find entertainment/appreciation.

Today that was not the case.

Today, I did cry, but I also shivered. I don't get that feeling often. I sat there in a warm room wearing a hoodie and long jammies shivering.

So, if you ever see me watching live music or a show and keeping far away from others so I'm not touched, that's why: I'm shivering. And goodness, can I feel it when people touch me then! It's sensory overload and I just can't deal.

Glee, what have you done to bring me to this state? You aren't supposed to do that. You're in your little 'not serious' box, and I limit you to that, and then you pull this out to break my heart.

Now that I'm emotionally exhausted (combined with my physical exhaustion), it's nap time again.