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Kiwi Crocus
06 October 2010 @ 02:31 am
I was reluctant to really try to get to sleep and realised why.

Dear Kiwibrain,

Yes, tomorrow is your first time on campus in months. Yes, it will mean that you are really a third-year, finalist student. You can do this. You're just going to Freshers' Fayre to hand out some quote-taped lollies (that you slaved over) and some flyers. Just smile. The campus isn't going to eat you.

(And yes, if you see your project supervisor or personal tutor I do give you permission to run away and hide behind the nearest bush. But if they're on campus near the Freshers' Fayre and all the freshers diseases, they are the crazy ones.)

Celebrate your last few days of summer!

Kiwi (Shock and alarm, shock and alarm)

P.S. You also have Glee to look forward to after the day's events are done. It's supposed to be a tear-jerker, which may be an indication of plot, which may shock you into smiles!
Current Mood: nervousNervous.