September 24th, 2010

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I'm saner.

Everything had to be removed from the kitchen so the landlord could bring in the new oven. Batgirl suggested I clean the cupboard under the sink, move the communal stuff there and take my old cupboard back. We cleaned the kitchen floor together and discussed cleaning up the house again. We are living with three messy boys now, who all have a habit of leaving their shite in the den. Seriously. Too much stuff. Take your laundry off the sofa and bring it up to your room instead of leaving it in a pile, please and thank you? Your socks are not appealing to me.

Got Juliette's old shelf in the fridge - so I have more room, and my milk can stand up instead of sit on its side and leak! Cleaned out my part of the fridge after I cleaned and replaced my cuboard stuff.

Ordered 50% off Dominos with Dweeb, Pirate Steve, Zans (temporary housemate - 'til October) and Mark. Jacqueline showed up to drop some of her stuff off; she's probably moving in after next Tuesday. She was entertained by my sleep-deprived babbling ("we should decacate...decomate?...decolate...DECORATE! the living room!" "oops, I fell over. I'm a pill bug!") and rubbed my arm after giving me a hug. I hope what I was sensing was a nice new friendship - I appreciate those. (:

We all watched some Rick & Steve, Will & Grace and then V for Vendetta. Everyone loved the film. I was reminded and very grateful that I am no longer the only gay in the village. Mark also speaks to himself. So he's gay and talks to himself - I've got a kindred!

My stuff is still packed. Dweeb's stuff is downstairs in Harry's room so I can actually move around my room. He's sleeping there presently since it's one of the extra rooms. I think I'll check on him before I head to sleep.

Tomorrow is unpacking and probably a trip to the co-op. I don't want to venture too far from here yet. I'm bringing it back to 'home' in my heart. I was reminded of what that feels like, with the warmth of camaraderie inside juxtaposed against the backdrop of a chilly dark English night. It makes me grateful for both sides of the comparison, the comfort and the cold. Can't wait to clean and decorate more. Starting to remember that this is not a place limited merely to work agony and fears of inadequacy.

Hopefully won't post quite as much in the upcoming days, but I very well might - probably the shorter variety. But I wanted to let everyone know that I have taken a step to the left and am really working to balance!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I forgot! But wanted this to be its own silly short post.

As most of us know, the Harry Potter films finish off this year with two installments. I should be in England for both. I was determined to get my McGonagall hat here.

tattooedsappho suggested I pack it with something. Like, oh, underwear.

Guess what I did? Oh, you betchya.

I brought my McGonagall hat to England stuffed with my panties. I am invincible with my undergarment witchery.

What has McGonagall got up her hat? Well, now we all know. :P

(Also, please remind me: who is going to DiaCon Alley? I am conceiving possible ways for me to stay in England for the extra time and get to that con. Let's discuss!)