September 21st, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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"Kiwi S. is really, really loved by Cassia Gordon. And also should think twice about leaving her Facebook open in such a dangerous house. :P"

The Facebook update Cassia/joyitude put up for me since I left myself signed in today before I left.

It is so wonderful to have friends who express their love! And are silly. And abuse my Facebook with love. (:

Leaving is haaaard.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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tattooedsappho: "Kiwi, your hair is so long!"
Kiwi: "Check out this ridiculousness." [Takes hair out of pony-tail and hair-flips.] "It's obscene. Too long, too long!"
tattooedsappho: "Not too long! Nice."
K: "If only it were blonde - then I could cosplay Luna. I suppose I could cosplay Hermione, but she's so boring!" [Gesticulates arms flamboyantly.] "'I'm Hermione. Ohhh, I'm a know-it-all! Look at my bag, it's like Mary Poppins'!' She's such a one-trick pony."
tattooedsappho: [Cracks up.] "That's the best Hermione impression."

I remember the days I was fonder of Hermione. Those days seem to have ended.