September 15th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I'm going to miss the New England autumn desperately - I used to love sitting in the brisk breezes, staring up at fiery leaves fluttering down - but every time I think of winter, I get this excited jolt to my stomach. It tends to overpower the nerves that have currently made my stomach their home.

It's not necessarily that I am excited for winter break - although I am, already - but just for the season itself. Winter is always so thrilling and comfortable for me.

I think, then, I shall try to think of winter more often. (:

Although I should equally make a promise to enjoy autumn more in England! I used to adore autumn in high school; I used to rest against my backpack under the maple archway at the Aggie and just take in the feeling of autumn.

I do love the seasons.