August 31st, 2010

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I am proud of myself today. (:

1) I got out of the house. I woke up, got ready, printed stuff out and left.

2) I met Fin at Stony Brook and worked on my dissertation as he was doing internship stuff. I read through some of Nick's directions and thought about some of the questions I want to answer more in-depth and some structure issues. Not much, but little is better than none, sooo...

3) I saw Mycorrhizae today and smiled a lot. She was wearing non-camp clothes since she was off to an eye appointment and then off to Ohio. I was wearing non-camp clothes. It was a touch odd but felt fine, as we were both our good ol' selves. :3

4) Went to Panera Bread with Fin during lunch. We got sandwiches and chatted. It was just what I needed. Back at Stony Brook we worked some more and split ways.

5) I came to the Norfolk library (part of our little Tri-Town set up) and got a new card; my old one was under ''! I haven't had that account since I was in 8th grade, emailing back and forth with my English teacher. Got my Internet privileges back and have been working to clear out my inbox since I signed on. Down to one page of messages, under 100 left to answer! Very pleased with that.

Tonight I am going to write my Minerva Fest story and hopefully get some sleep. Tomorrow is Wicked with Shaya in Boston. (:

The only thing I don't like about library computer time is the blasted message that pops up all the time telling me to save my work because I have x amount of time left!

Also, I've realised that despite appearances in the media as something cool and easy, water bubblers/fountains do not improve our looks! I've come to the conclusion that everyone looks rather silly drinking from them. My test was imagining McGonagall drinking from one in my mind: she looked peculiar, so I conclude everyone would.
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