August 29th, 2010

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Today's project (to avoid writing, cleaning my room and sorting out my life) was recording and uploading a version of Old People Got No Reason.

Technology agreed with me more than usual today, unfortunately, so now I've got to go find something else to procrastinate with. Sigh.

While I do that, you can give the song a listen: Old People Got no Reason. Please ignore the other songs: they're old and someday I will replace them, but for now I have not.

Please remember that I am neither a singer nor a musician. My laptop is not a recording studio - frankly, it always stinks for recording. :P

It's also a ukulele version since I, er, know how to play ukulele and the guitar is still ab it of a six-stringed mystery to me.

You also get Kiwish mumbling. It was the seventh take and my hands were getting tired (ugh hello bar chords!) so I basically went with the "I am going to make this silly and stop thinking and just play, and whatever comes out comes out." That came out. I still need to learn a cleaning spell...
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