August 28th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I would like to begin by explaining that everything is to be blamed on kellychambliss and pale_moonlite. However, Teskey (tetleythesecond) & Crone-Crew were in my mind egging me on.

Moonlite answered the Harry Potter meme question about Wrock (Wizard Rock), which I've been into for a while and she has just discovered. She mentioned that she found no femslashy songs and also nothing about our beloved strong older women.

kellychambliss posted about Dolores Umbridge and mentioned her short stature in comparison to Minerva McGonagall's. She posted short people.

I got the idea to cover it, possibly with a guitar. Mind, I've had the guitar for a while now, but probably only had two chances to sit down with it - and only play random chords. I've never played guitar before.

Hours later, what I had was a parody of the song, titled...

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So, still no femslash 'round here, but it's a start. Still can't play the B7 well since it's a strange bar and I'm not used to barring 5 out of 6 strings and arranging two more fingers, but I'll be practising. (:

At least it makes me laugh.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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So, I'm doing my general Stay Reasonably Perky on the Interwebs thing, but I wanted you all to know in a brief-ish message that I am actually very not okay presently.

I'm sure at some point a longer explanation will be chiselled into existence; for now that's what I've got: I'm not okay.

(I'm not terrible; I'm not someone you should worry about; I'm not in danger. I'm just not okay, which comes off as somewhat drastic, since I'm generally so incredibly okay and above compared to many people.)

Love is appreciated but not required. (: Thank you for listening. Going to work on adjusting some more.
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