August 27th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Camp was good. Energy drink can be a good friend of mine. Taught, egg drop, silly Kiwi everywhere. My campers like me. I sang with some of them, laughed with all, great times. Perhaps because Z was not present. Hung with my counsellors. Mycorrhizae wore a skirt and looked lovely.

Stayed at Stony Brook after camp to work on letters before PT. Mycorrhizae locked us in so she could go buy ink and reminded me to turn out the lights. Had all my stuff and was about to leave when I remembered the lights. Went to the loo. Left without my purse and immediately locked out. Called around, Grammie brought the spare key to her car and I made it to PT. My therapist mentioned again that I am 'complex'; I told her it was the kindest way any medical person had ever expressed the notion.

Home. Cleaning and music. Fin over. Cumby's for energy drinks and Grammie's for Mum's clothes. Home. Clover and Monarch over. Hanging out, fort, conversations about Mary Poppins as a dominatrix, incredible amounts of laughter. Ice Cream machine for ice cream; across the street to Diamond Hill for late-night ice-cream conversations and stars. Beautiful. I told them how happy I was this evening and received hugs.

Home for a moment, bathing suits, off to the neighbours' for hot tub and Golden Retrievers. Conversation got on to polyamorous people; Clover did not at all understand how it could work, although not judgementally so. I explained the concepts of multiple equally-loved best friends, the ability to love parents and family and guardians, the ability to love many people in many unique ways (different for each and changing with time); we discussed the importance of clear communication, discussion of boundaries, revisiting conversations, non-jealousy, respect. She hugged me and told me that for the first time she understood, even though she couldn't do it. I almost cried. It was beautiful. Even Fin told me the conversation was deep and meaningful, and not in his I'm-pulling-your-leg manner. Clover and Monarch left; Fin and I joked about boobs with occasional conversations of further depth, as is our style.

Back home. Have my I Am Specials and my thank-you letters for fellow counsellors to do. Thank goodness Fin and I already bought our energy drinks: I'm going to need mine tomorrow. (;

Today was beautiful. I don't know how a summer can be so happy. I don't know how so many fantastic, beautiful, amazing people can find their way into my life. I am grateful!
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