August 25th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Sleep-dep (surprise). Pre-camp party in the car (too short). Zach in today instead of tomorrow (frak). Egg experiments (success). Egg drop creation (too much glue). Snack (leftover party food and innuendo, mmm). 'Slime' (MORE TOO MUCH GLUE, smarting hands). Slime thrown into the turtle tank (panicked Kiwi, turtle rescue). Lunch (ill, self in time-out, pat on the head from new-friend Tara, Myccorhizae hang out time, Princess Pine hugs during her visit). UFT (Princess Pine, Fin, Clover and Monarch; goodbye Princess Pine). Camper's Choice (letter for Willow). Monthly pain (foetal position on the cot, three Advil’s - thank you Clover, dizzy, nauseated, campers who care). End of camp (celebration and bathroom cleaning). Conversations with Myccorhizae, amazing Myccorhizae, best boss ever, too unappreciated in life.

Sister's house. Jay and Kristine, Real L Word. Barn meeting and work for everyone else. Kiwi feeling at home - nails painted silver, National Geographic to read, Woody Allen film to watch. Arrival of others back home. Kiwi washing dishes, playing with suds and laughing gently; Kristine with a swollen face. Very gentle cuddles.

Tears of joy both ways. So much love and appreciation and gratitude in my life, to and from me. Home. Letters of the aforementioned to write.

Surprised that the smile of a boy she thinks she hates to a girl she thinks he likes can erase the hate for a moment. No, she is reminded, she is not truly capable of hate: provided the boy is capable of smiles out of joy and interest in others, he is to be matter how much he annoys her, or how much she shouts.

Kiwi hates glue. Slime is made of glue. Kiwi hates glue.

Kiwi loves how much people care.
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