August 24th, 2010

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In the last entry, I was thrilled with my achievement and peacefully grooving to the beat of life. I read. I sighed joyously at the act of reading, beloved friend of mine that reading is. I drift off to sleep - serene, quick, no toss-turns!

My nose wakes me to stench and my stomach threatens to retch. I open my eyes to find a restless looking dog; as soon as I see the doggy-duty, the smell gets worse. I see that it's on my comforter (how comforting) and my oldest child blanket (...ditto). Groan, up, avoid poo, sensible enough to put dog outside, take a turn to pee so my brain turns on, wake father up.

We handled it - 'we' being primarily 'he', for I was still half asleep and ill with endless painful hiccups - and he went back off to bed.

It's 1.30 am and I'm awake. That's not unusual, of course, but the circumstances are: I have a reason for being awake - how delightful! (Not the reason, naturally, but its existence.)

Drinking Canada Dry ginger ale (whoever said this stuff was calming on the stomach?) and feeling amused over the fact that as soon as I feel comfortable and happy and safe in my little space, the universe comes along and decides, "OH! I KNOW WHAT TO DO! I'LL SHIT ON IT!"*

Well and so. My fort may be impenetrable to the forces of annoying campers that I wish to throttle (or masochistically make me wish to headpole - painful) and the pesky problem of conceptual time, but nothing is infallible: dog shit will always win. It always has and it always will; I would do well to remember this.

On the brightest side (there are many bright sides), my room now smells like Solstice. I yoinked the Pine & Balsam spray from the downstairs loo to alleviate the leftover smell (after carefully checking that there were no more 'gifts'). So now not only can I timelessly (hah!) exist in my impenetrable-to-all-forces-but-canine-excrement fort and pretend that it's winter time!

What a delight. :P I shouldn't write entries at 1.30 am. Didn't I learn that in high school, too? Silly Kiwi. Calm that stomach and head to bed!

* = I see no actual connection between my level of joy and my dog’s digestional misgivings.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Stony Brook has been a really great experience in my life; I have learned an incredible amount from working at a summer camp like this. I have also learned (or re-learned, as the case may be) much from my colleagues.

Today was the staff party at Tara's after work. It was brilliant. Took a nap on the Stony Brook cot before the party, parallel parked at Tara's (she commented that I got the 'best parker award' for voluntarily parallel parking where she had encountered difficulty leaving the spot), joked with Myccorhizae & Dragonfly & Tara and waited for the gang.

Myccorhizae was different outside of the camp environment and it was delightful. Joked and frolicked with Princess Pine and Fin, as always. Hugs with Clover. Conversation and laughter with all. Lots of innuendo and so many smiles. It was beautiful.

I was reminded how freely I move throughout the various groups within even our small work force - I feel comfortable with Dragonfly & Myccorhizae, with Monarch & Clover (our lovebirds), Fin & Princess Pine, Tigerlily & Willow, with the CITs... I am so thankful for my ability to move about within social circles that in some cases feud with or ignore other circles during the brief brushes.

'Doug' came on. All the counsellors and the CITs went running for the TV to watch a show that used to be on during our childhood. I snuggled with Princess Pine and Fin; it felt so good to have human contact again, the one thing I've been missing about Stony Brook vs Rowe (where everyone constantly cuddles - but we're teenagers and up there).

Fantastic night. As frustrating as camp can be, I'm going to be sad to see it end and watch all these new friends of mine disperse to various college or non-college locations.

If I'm honest with myself then I acknowledge that I didn't intend to make new friends this summer. If I'm extra honest with myself, I concede that I made many friends, some that I now consider great friends. We'll stretch and diverge with summer's end and school, but I am thankful for the times these new friends have given me. I feel incredibly lucky.

My first copy of National Geographic came today. My fort is calling for me. Time for some reading, perhaps a little letter writing and sleep. (: Tomorrow is another day.

Sweet dreams!