August 23rd, 2010

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Phantom Weekend Syndrome, hello.

It's Monday. That means work. This week we have the kid who pretends to be a dinosaur when overstimulated (I generally say 'Dinosaur' to avoid the name-speak).

Dinosaur gets overstimulated inside. It is raining. It is supposed to rain today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

We are allowed to go out in the rain - only thunder/lightning prohibit us. However, how enjoyable has that ever been with a pack of complaining spawn-creatures? But then there is Dinosaur.

Sigh. Suffice to say, I don't want to go to work today.

I want to go meet the woman in my icon instead, see what could come of that... Little grin.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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In high school, RENT's "La Vie Boheme" was my cleaning music.

Now I'm sitting in my old room with my old problem (too busy and too tired in the evening for a quick clean = mess piles up) and I've decided to clean my room. As with high school, I decided in the morning that it would happen and it is now 9 o'clock and I'm finally up for making some progress.

"La Vie Boheme" came on. I started cleaning.

Conditional training, I tell ya. But it sure does work. Little better than cleaning to a song all about my fellow queerlings all 'round.

For you and you and YOU YOU AND YOU!

Today at camp stunk. I am going to make this week good, somehow. I am going to make it through. I am not going to throttle my camper Z. I am going to enjoy my out-of-camp hours. This is my last week. I need to make it count.

Oh, Counting Crows! I feel that I haven't heard from you in years! Welcome home, old friend!

(Rediscovering old music is the best.)
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Coping methods.

Some people drink. Some people smoke. Some people sleep. Some people have sex. Some people write. Some people read. Some people shop. Sing, clean (crazies!), dance, meditate, combine, create new coping...

I made a fort in my bedroom. I am packing it with blankets and pillows. I'm going to escape into it to read and perhaps sleep (combination!).

Coping method when I was 8? Mayhaps, but it sure is effective in the college years, too.

(I put this on Facebook and had five 'likes' within about a minute. All time record. WHY aren't more people making forts?! We don't grow out of this silly stuff! Bet I'll be 40 and still making forts. Any takers?)
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