August 21st, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Weekends are strange.

[Kiwi sleeps. Fuzzy alarm goes off. Kiwi jumps up, runs to the alarm and turns it off.]
Kiwi: "Seven o'clock...? But I showered yesterday morning. Today is a 7.30 day."
[Kiwi fixes the alarm so it's actually on an FM channel, takes several stumbling moments changing to the 7.30 alarm, fixes the volume and stumbles back to bed.]
[Kiwi dozes for a moment. It dawns on her that it is, of course, Saturday...and thus no alarms are truly required. Stumbles back over to turn it off.]

That said, I probably SHOULD have set an alarm, only I don't know what time Kristine's surprise party is at, so that's a problem. Thinking I'll take a shower, attempt making pizza dip and hope my mother gets home in time to help me chop sweet potatoes. The kitchen is still foreign territory.

I hope I get to the party in time!