August 13th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Work was work. I got through it. Grammie picked me up, we chatted, she told me I was a nocturnal book worm growing up (anyone surprised?) and I yoinked her car.

Home, picked up some new rainbow stuff from the post (yay!) and headed off to Providence. Spent from 5.30 - 8.30 buying bubble tea, buying sweet potato fries, reading in the playground, using the neighbour's bathroom, making collages in my car and waiting. They arrived and Cassia was green. Between her hue and my black eye, we were quite the comical pair.

Hung and munched with her for a little bit, then got down to business on Casey's room. We moved about all the boxes and bags so the room was accessible. I was pretty dogged in my intention to get the desk right-side-up and useful as a proper surface; we managed that feat. Cassia has now seen my Project Face, Efficient Kiwi Persona. If she's still friends with me now then we're set. (:

Chatted for a bit and snuggled with Speedy, then headed off.

Saw a reasonably-sized car COMPLETELY on fire on the side of 495N. Flames pouring out everywhere, each part of the car flaming. I felt the heat of it on my face from the centre lane. I clenched up for a second and reminded myself to take a nice, deep, calming breath; while I was at it I took the moment to put the things in my life back in perspective.

Came home to find that half my I Am Specials for tomorrow are missing, I have no lunch and I can't charge my phone. Oh well. I have done what I can, and I'll do whatever else I can tomorrow. (:

Goodness, though, the feel of the heat against my face... It was...I don't even know, honestly, I haven't the foggiest on how to describe it!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today, my McGonagall hat goes into work with me.

I have a black eye.

I certainly haven't seen McGonagall with a black eye before.

This should be interesting.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Wanted to make a post before I head to the Cape/Roller Derby in Providence/Dog-Sitting and forget.

One interaction from a few days ago:

[Kiwi gives a lecture about respect and calling people only by the names they wished to be called.]
Kiwi: "For instance, I am Kiwi. If you call me anything else I'll be sad. Well, except Nebula; I like that one."
Camper: "Nebula, may I call you Hermione?"
K: "Sure, that one too."
Fin: "May I call you You-Know-Who?"
K: "No. I hate second-person pronouns."
Fin: "He-Knows-Who?"
K: "Sure. Creepy, but acceptable."

Today I came down the stairs for Camper's Choice dressed as Professor McGonagall (hat) with a cheap Dementor-like cloak and my Docs. Plus my black eye and lip ring. Strangest McGonagall to ever be seen. I was greeted by a chorus of "you're a witch!" and "you sound like a witch!" and "are you McGonagall/grown-up Hermione?" so apparently the effect was correct.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament (Quad-House Tournament) went REALLY WELL. We were so pleased. And only one kid shat his pants today - can we say good day? (I told all the kids that what they smelled was sulphur from Myccorhizae doing an experiment. I am such a liar.)

I also had another conversation that entertained me:

[Kiwi speaks with one of the camper's parents, who is also a member of her UU congregation and Interweave - like Gay Straight Alliance - group.]
Kiwi: "Black eye and a lip ring - not the McGonagall most would picture."
Bill: "Oh, I don't know, she was young once."
K: "Yes, I imagine so...though I'm not sure she was rebellious in this manner."
B: "Hmm. Well, she is a feisty one."
K: "Oh goodness yes; we seldom find feistier ones than McGonagall - anyone Maggie Smith plays is going to be feisty."

Many campers, staff and parents: "Kiwi, aren't you hot in that cloak?"
Kiwi: "Yes. Incredibly hot. Poor McGonagall. Poor Maggie Smith."

I am so glad this went over well and that the campers and staff were happy. We had a fantastic time. Oh! I forgot my fellow counsellors' favourite part.

[Campers line up behind a cone to face off against a dragon - Fin - and try to steal his egg. One camper is edging over the line.]
Kiwi: "Excuse me! I don't want one toe over that line, mister!" [Taps his foot with her cane.] "Behind the cone!"

I went time-warp McGonagall: post-Stunner!McGonagall in Goblet-of-Fire!McGonagall time. Regardless, everyone was entertained.

The end!

Off to the Cape for more adventures!