August 11th, 2010

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Yesterday I stayed late at work to organise a list of lesson plan tasks for Dino'might' week, which is next week. Stuck around with Dragonfly and Myccorhizae, had some fun.

Got a call from my brother while I was on my way home: he wanted McDonald's. I was already in the car, so I thought I'd just go ahead and drive him; he is very quick at his various fast-food joints. Ben, Dweeb and I had a pretty good time at McD's, although I didn't really eat (certainly not my favourite).

Dweeb exited through the far-away door to run AROUND the building. I thus felt in a bit of a hurry. I hurried out of McD's and the door so kindly caught my over-sized rucksack.

The ground came up mighty quickly and I saw, to my great dismay, that a hand-rail was approaching my face before I was able to free my hands. My nose greeted the rail first, followed sound after by my left cheek; I rolled with it, met the ground with my bottom and squeezed my nose.

I was reminded of the conversations I had with my campers that day about the Brady Bunch: Marsha and her nose were mentioned. I think 'my nose!' and 'Marsha Marsha'. I giggle. My second thought was, "I am going to look so hardcore for the roller derby match on Saturday!" Clearly I have all my priorities in order: television reference and subculture blending.

Swelled up in an instant and, to my delight, got a little bit of a nosebleed - I hardly ever get those. Held my nose with a napkin and drove home, then headed down to the neighbours' with Dweeb and Ben. Mrs. Redman confirmed that it wasn't disfigured and thus no one would do anything about it anyway, so we ran up to our house to grab some ice and then came back down to hang out. I texted and cracked jokes.

SJ and Merf got hungry. We then went to both Taco Bell and Burger King.

That is how I lived through a day of three fast-food joints, no fast-food and a face-plant fall. I was highly chuffed with myself! Mainly the event highlighted for me some aspects of my life I am grateful of: serenity in the face of potential panic, humour, friends, community, a body that loves me and works to heal fast, my button nose.

Today I made it through work. Had to take a horizontal rest during unstructured free time (UFT) and skipped Predator/Prey to sit with a boy who had been stung, but otherwise did okay. Tomorrow will be better.

I also went swimming with Fin and Princess Pine after work. Lots of innuendo and breast-stroke, then further comments on breasts. I couldn't comprehend why mine were trying to escape me until I realised that my problem is opposite in water: they wish to float to my chin rather than yield to gravity to my knees. Also realised that swimming is less difficult with two floatation devices affixed to one's chest. Princess Pine's comment, after we finally got out of the water, was merely, "You DO have big boobs!"

(Fin asked me if I have ever hit myself in the face with them. I had to admit through a groan that I had.)

Oh, two days in the life...


My boss also saw my underwear. I was taking my bathing suit out of my bag and my underwear seemed to have hitched a ride from home, so when I pulled out the suit, out came the underwear still attached. She murmured, "is that...?" at which point I coloured, groaned and stuffed them to the bottom of my bag, muttering, "You never saw that."

They weren't even pretty. Pink grannies. Oh, Kiwi.

Face + boobs + panties = the equation of my life.

Now I am going to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be less exciting. However, I’m going to Providence to clean out a room in Cassia’s house. Somehow I doubt my life will miraculously get tame tomorrow.

(These days have really been fantastic - I've thoroughly enjoyed them! I consider myself very lucky to be living this life. Really! I love it! :D)
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